Amicus Support Plan Terms & Conditions

Amicus Attorney End User License Agreement ("EULA")

Amicus Attorney End User License Agreement ("EULA") for Use in Abacus Private Cloud ("APC")

1. The Amicus Maintenance Plan is a subscription sold as a guaranteed three-year term, with annual renewals after that. By purchasing this plan, and paying the annual subscription fee for the first year, you also commit to paying the annual fee for years two and three of the Amicus Maintenance Plan when you are billed. You authorize Gavel & Gown Software in advance to bill the annual fees for years two and three to the credit card you used for your initial purchase.

2. The credit card transaction for the annual fees for years two and three will be posted approximately 15 days prior to the anniversary date of your initial Amicus Maintenance Plan purchase. If the transaction fails to be authorized for any reason, you will be notified and given 15 days to make payment in full for the annual fee for that year. If you fail to make payment within the 15-day period you will be considered to be in default of this agreement, and in default of the terms under which you are licensed to use Amicus Attorney. Gavel & Gown Software reserves the right to take whatever measures necessary to collect payment from customers found to be in default, and/or to terminate your license and right to use Amicus Attorney.

3. The Amicus Timetracker feature will only work with the currently shipping version, so Maintenance customers need to install new versions when they receive them. Moreover, Gavel & Gown Software will only provide updates and fixes to the most current version of Amicus software, not older versions. For those reasons it is the obligation of the customer to upgrade their Amicus software to the current version of that software when it is delivered to them.

4. Upgrades to Amicus software are released approximately every other year. However, Gavel & Gown Software in no way guarantees the timing of upgrade releases and is not obligated in any way to release new versions of software.

5. Customers enrolled in the Amicus Maintenance Plan receive technical support for their Amicus software according to the terms of the Amicus Annual Technical Support Plan documentation published on the website.

6. At the end of the initial three-year subscription term, and each term thereafter, the Amicus Maintenance Plan will automatically renew for a further one-year term. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify Gavel & Gown Software in writing in advance of the renewal date if you do not want the subscription to continue. You agree that if you do not provide such notification, you are authorizing Gavel & Gown Software to bill the annual fee for the renewal year to the credit card you used for your initial purchase.

7. If the customer fails to make their renewal payment within thirty (30) days of the end of any term, their Amicus Maintenance Plan will be deemed to have lapsed. Once a plan lapses, the customer may have to pay to upgrade to the current version of their software in order to reinitiate the plan.

8. Payment for the Amicus Maintenance Plan must be made by credit card. This is to enable seamless billing of annual payments in subsequent years of the subscription. If a customer chooses to instead pay for the Amicus Maintenance Plan by check, the full amount of all three of the initial years of the subscription must be paid at time of enrollment.

9. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify Gavel & Gown Software of any changes in their shipping address. Gavel & Gown Software assumes no responsibility for upgrades that are sent to the wrong shipping address.

10. All software returns for Amicus customers are governed by the Amicus Satisfaction Guarantee and Returns Policy as published on the website.

11. All use of Amicus software is governed by the terms and conditions of the Amicus Software License Agreement.

12. The terms of this plan are subject to change by Gavel & Gown Software Inc. from time to time with notice of the changes being limited to them being posted on