It is hard to find a company where customer service is not a primary concern.  If you embrace “the best customers are the happiest customers” theory, you know that your repeat business transactions and referrals depend on those happy customers! One the easiest ways to improve your customer’s experience is to introduce a CRM that allows your entire company to work from the same page.  A CRM, like Results, will provide your team with the information and tools they need to provide better service. The right CRM can help improve your customer service by allowing you to:

  1. Immediately know every customer’s situation. Anyone on your team will be able to jump in and view important emails and a complete communication history.  They will know what was discussed, when it was discussed, and be able to identify key pieces of information.
  2. Keep your promises. A CRM should provide an easy way for you to create follow up reminders.  Ensure you follow through with your promises and never miss an opportunity.
  3. View order and payment history. With full order and payment history at their fingertips, your team will know what products were ordered, if there is a balance due, and/or what products to recommend.
  4. Report on company trends. Be proactive in marketing and communications with visibility and reporting on trends and changes.  Your CRM should be able to easily generate counts of sales activities, quotes, products ordered, and more.
  5. Standardize your processes. When you create custom processes within your CRM, you can make sure every prospect and customer gets the same high level of attention and follow-through.

CRM is typically thought of as being a tool for sales, but it can also improve your level of service and the quality of the interactions you have with your customers.  Whether your organization is new to CRM software or looking for a new solution, Results CRM is your partner for success. For more information on how you can grow your business with Results, click here for a free demo.