Your award-winning Results CRM is now even more powerful, with the new release of Results 2014.  logo-top

Results 2014 Desktop includes:

  • New Associates DMC - Brings more visibility and direct access to your Associate records. 
  • Additional Document Tracking - Attach unlimited documents to an Activity, Service Order, Quote, Invoice, Sales Order and Purchase Order.
  • On-the-Fly Invoicing from an Activity Record - Create an invoice directly from an Activity or Service Order.
  • New Contact Notes Editor - Use the new built-in text editor and spell checker to maintain Contact Notes.
  • Enhanced Lookup Tables - All lookup table codes can now support at least 20 characters and will allow both upper and lower case characters and spaces.
  • Built-in Credit Card Processing - Receive credit card payments in Results.
  • Google Drive Integration - Store & retrieve Results documents with Google Drive

 And the list of enhancements does not stop there!  

Results 2014 Desktop offers much more, including many enhancements to the QuickBooks and Outlook Integrations and Quote conversion workflow.  

Note: For Results Mobile Enterprise and Time Management Portal users, the latest version of Results Web Mobile 2014 was also released this week. Request your copy here.