It is often thought that email marketing is dead; this is not true though.  In fact, a recent report showed that over 50% of respondents open most of their email. The problem is that small businesses don’t know how to track what works with email campaigns, and further, they don’t have their email tool integrated with their small business CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Every small business needs a CRM system to track client and prospect data.  A small business CRM allows the business owner to manage every aspect of the company, including email marketing.  When we talk about email we are not talking about SPAM; to the contrary, we are referring to the education of individuals and organizations who have requested to hear from you through an opt-in list. So here are some basics about email marketing with a small business CRM to get you started on the engagement process:


The first thing that you want to do is have a clear and concise message in all communications with clients whether that be via an email client (like Constant Contact) or sent directly from your small business CRM.  One of the biggest mistakes companies make when trying to communicate with their prospects is information overload.  Many people feel that they need to give them everything at once when in fact, in marketing – less is more. You want to give them just enough to make them want more.

Compelling Subject Lines

In order to get the receiver to open the email, you need to have a compelling subject line. The subject is the first thing that people will see when looking at your message and as such will be thesmall-business-crm main thing that attracts them to read on. If you are sending a text based email through your small business CRM, a compelling subject line would include the word “Secrets” or “How To” in it. If you are sending a visual email, preferably HTML, via an email client then numerical numbers included in a heading that sparks interest for more is best as it is direct and implies something quick to digest (example: Top 3 Ways to…).

Ease of Navigation

The next component of your email setup is to ensure you have a well-structured message.  You want to have a clear path from start to finish and mark points of interest with bullets.  When creating a message, bullet points are one of the most underused and neglected aspect of a message. Try to create your message in a way that it has actionable steps and solves a specific problem.  The last thing you want to do is make things difficult, complicated, or unachievable.

Image to Text Ratio

In today’s era of technology, we are lambasted with information everywhere that we look. It is hard for the eyes to digest all of the data coming at us, so in turn, we have trained our eye to skim text and find a focal image to reset. It is especially important in email messages sent via an email client that we use a good image to text ratio. The most well received emails have images inlay with the text to break up the data and aid in digesting the content. For text based emails sent from your small business CRM, usually used as a sales follow-up or drip campaign, bullets will suffice over images.

Mobile Optimized

Over 80% of all emails are read on mobile devices. That means your message needs to not only be mobile-friendly but that it should be tested on multiple different mobile devices to ensure ease of reading. You never want a reader to have to scroll in or out to be able to read the text as it didn’t format properly for their device. When creating a mobile friendly message, make sure to not over clutter your message with fancy graphics, fonts, layouts and other aspects that will draw people away from the primary message.


Using a small business CRM email integration system with your email client is imperative so that you reduce manual entry and have a single point to view client data. And finally, take your time; do A/B tests to see how different messages work among different groups.  One message may resonate better with one group than another.  Send your message several times to ensure maximum exposure.  Remember, it takes on average seven touches before a prospect will take action.  This provides multiple opportunities to fine-tune the messaging and then create templates within your small business CRM out of those with the highest click through rates. At Results Software , we understand how important email marketing is, which is why we partnered with Constant Contact to provide a turn-key solution. You’ll love how our award-winning small business CRM delivers effective email marketing management …give it a try for free today!