It’s that hectic time of year again!  How can your CRM help you with holiday prep?  Here is a step-by-step guide that takes you from creating your holiday card list to printing envelopes or labels. Step 1:  Create a Named Search to Identify Your List

  1. Within the Contacts tab, click Advanced Search. The Contacts center will open.  Click Maintain Named Searches.

Card -1

  1. The Named Search screen opens. Find the Contact Type field name in the list of fields on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Double-click Contact Type so that the field appear on the grey area of the screen.
  3. Double click on that entry to set the parameters around the Contact Type. Select the Value from the drop-down list.  IN the example below, we selected to include “Clients:  Active Major Accounts.”Card - 2
  4. If you would like to include more than one Contact Type, change the Link Search Criteria to “OR” and repeat steps 2-4. In the example below, we have now included “Clients:  Active Major Accounts” OR “Clients:  Active Regular Accounts”.Card - 3
  1. When you are done adding Contact Types to your search criteria, click the Save  You will be prompted to give your new Named Search a name.  Type in the name and click OK.

Card - 4

  1. Close the Named Search screen.  Your new Named Search will now appear in all Contact Named Search drop-downs throughout Results.

 Step 2:  Create the Labels

After building the Named Search, you have two choices for printing your labels.  You can either use the built-in label reports in Results or export the Named Search to Excel and use the Excel Mail Merge feature. To Export your list to Excel:

  1. Open the Contacts Center by clicking the Manage icon on the Contacts tab.
  2. On the Advanced Search tab, select your Named Search from the drop-down list and click Apply.

Card - 5

  1. The Contacts meeting your search criteria will appear within the Contact center.
  2. Click the Export to Excel button within the Contact Center. You are now ready to use Excel Mail Merge for your envelopes or labels.