When it comes to running a business, not everything will go as planned.  In fact, many companies find themselves repeating the same tasks over and over again, trying to track down exactly what another employee may have done; ultimately costing the company time and money that could have been avoided with the right tools. Rinse and repeat tasks as well as status updates can be automated within the organization by implementing a CRM for QuickBooks. Bottlenecks can kill productivity within an organization. The key to unblocking bottlenecks is fixing unbalanced processes. Process bottlenecks occur when data received (input) is delivered quicker than the following step can use it to create the output. There are short-term and long-term bottlenecks and both must be identified. Short term examples are if an employee goes on vacation and there was not backup staff to perform the work while they are gone so a backlog of activity occurs. Long term bottlenecks are created when a single person or department can’t complete the required tasks in a timely fashion and the process they are holding up is a recurring task. A CRM for QuickBooks solution can address these issues as well as help to identify them:

Bottleneck #1 Leads

Leads are the foundation of your business’ future growth.  Without leads, you will never identify prospective revenue. Many organizations have “sellers” (often times the CEO or owners of the business) that meet with someone, give them a business card and then follow up once, or forget to call.  With a CRM for QuickBooks solution you can easily capture leads as they come in and then assign them to other members in your team to follow-up and close.

Bottleneck #2 – Information Overload

Multi-tasking has become synonymous with the average work day. We have so much information coming at us from all different directions, it is easy to forget things we may have remembered in a previously disconnected time.  With a CRM, you can easily gather all of the information in one place, scan through the information that is important to you and still have reference points to refer to when needed. You can also make quick notes regarding the prospect or client that help you connect with them upon the next encounter (their daughter was about to get married, or they were planning a trip to Hawaii). When using the right tools you can avoid information overload fairly easily and build relationships that really foster engagement.

Bottleneck #3 – Communication Chaos

It is easy to have communications with a client, prospect, partner or vendor lost when dealing with everything in email only. Some people will miss out on something important that they should have been cc’d on, and others arecrm-for-quickbooks buried in emails that don’t matter to them because of cc abuse. On top of the email chaos that only proliferate bottlenecks, we add communication via messengers, social platforms, in-person and phone contacts. Nobody can pick up where another left off. With a CRM for QuickBooks solution, all messages and communications are self-contained.  It is the nucleus of the organization and all client records. The system can be setup for quick logging of tasks. CRM email integration helps so a manual log of the contact isn’t necessary, and notifications can be established for other individuals so status updates don’t have to be requested. If these communications are somehow overlooked, an employee can easily log into the CRM for quick access review, make notes, and mark as completed.

Bottleneck #4 – Missed Opportunities

Did you know that within the first hour of contacting a company with no response, a lead begins to lose interest? Probably already looking for alternative solutions. And within the first 24 hours of no call back, the prospect is 50% less interested than when they first inquired.  With a CRM for QuickBooks solution missing opportunities is now a thing of the past. The prospect and lead is assigned to a sales rep with corresponding reminders for lead harvesting. Any overdue contacts can be seen by management to stop sales process bottlenecks in their tracks. This helps increase your sales conversions but also gives more visibility to the executive team in identifying problems before they cost the company lost revenue.

Bottleneck #5 – Employee Performance

CRM systems don’t just provide insight into bottlenecks and work-overload; they report on those employees that can take some of the weight off the overworked ones to create scalability. With a CRM we can see what jobs have been assigned and when.  We can see how long it takes for jobs to be completed, and if the jobs are being held up at any stop-gaps. Employee performance is easier to gauge when there are benchmarks of peers and data to support activity.

Bottleneck #6 – Resources

A CRM for QuickBooks provides a full snapshot with dashboards of how the business is performing. You can see what products are selling, what clients are creating revenue, the projects of the day, and how sales funnels are projecting. These informed views provide resources that help us predict bottlenecks but also reassign based on future needs.

Bottleneck #7 - Transferring Data

When QuickBooks is your accounting software, it is essential that you have a CRM system that integrates with it. This not only solves the headache of manual double entry of data, but ensures human error and bottlenecks don’t leave one system outdated. When we work with a CRM for QuickBooks solution we keep data flowing smoothly and provide the data visibility needed to manage the full business relationship. Since QuickBooks is your main invoicing and customer portal it makes perfect sense to have an award winning CRM for QuickBooks solution as your initial contact point for the business. Contact Us today for a free trial to get started.