Each year my husband and I talk about replacing windows in the older part of our house.  As winter approached this year and I seriously considered purchasing a parka to wear anytime I went up to our drafty second floor, we decided we could not wait any longer.

Like any major purchase, I wanted to make sure I got at least 2-3 price quotes.  Over the next few days, many sales reps showed up, took measurements and offered me an endless amount of beautiful brochures.  

Of all the people that passed in and out of my house, one company still stands out in my mind.  It was the company I wanted to give my business to…but in the end didn’t.  The man seemed knowledgeable, nice, and had the best price by far.  But, the deal killer was when we sat down to write out the contract…everything went downhill. 

I sat…and sat…and painstakingly waited while he filled out a form by hand.  And then I waited some more while he used the calculator on his iPad to figure out the total.  Then, when his first two calculations didn’t match, I waited while he figured out what calculation he might have done wrong.  And when I asked for a second version of the quote with the upgrade, I waited again as he went to his truck to get another form.  It turns out the form was out of date…so I waited for him to manually update the pricing on that form.  As dinner time came and went, I waited some more while he filled out and manually calculated, re-calculated, and then calculated again the number of windows in each size. 

Then he did something so strange – he tried to take a single picture of the long, hand-written contract with his phone. When I asked what he was doing, he told me that he wanted to take a picture of my quote so he could have could try to remember the details of the contract since he was leaving me with the only copy.  I almost fell over.

Was this really happening?  In 2013?  How was he going to see the contract particulars using such a small picture? I had to wonder if the owner of the company knew what impression his field technician was making.  But more importantly, did he know how much money the company letting slip through their hands without the tools needed to make efficient sales calls and have accurate pricing at their fingertips?  And how much more was the company losing by not having that information centralized in his main office where they could have a visible sales pipeline? 

Imagine how this story would have been different if the company made an investment in Results Mobile for their field staff.  Their field staff would have been able to crank out quotes in minutes, leave less room for error in calculations, easily provide multiple versions of the quote and even take pictures of my windows and attach them to my file.  My contact information and quote details would have been centralized for the office to follow up with me.  And even if I didn’t make the purchase right away, my information would have been saved for future mailings, brochures, and special offers.

Although this real-life example might be “extreme”, if you don’t have the right CRM and Business Management tool in place, chances are – your prospects already know…and it could be hurting you in more ways than one!  Consider what CRM could do for your field staff, inside sales, the impression you leave….and more importantly - your bottom line!