In December 2014, Attorney at Work conducted their first Social Media Survey, asking readers for their social media habits, preferences and attitudes. More than 450 readers responded to the survey, including 340 lawyers (56% fmale, 44% male). 

Here are some highlights from the lawyers who particpated: 

  • 91% said they use social media, and a surprising 60% identified their social media use as part of a marketing strategy.
  • 91% are on LinkedIn, with 73% saying they are on Facebook. Twitter ranked third, with 45% of lawyers prepared to Tweet, and a paltry 21% say they use Google+. Conversely, the lawyers responding said the platform they use most frequently is Facebook with 43%. Only 2% say they most often use Google+.
  • 39% said LinkedIn is the most effective client-getter. In fact, those who say their use of social media is part of an overall marketing strategy actually use Facebook less and LinkedIn far more frequently than those who identify no marketing strategy.
  • As for return on investment, only 4% said social media is “very responsible” for getting them new clients, while 31% said no social media platform is effective at bringing in new clients.
  • A significant amount of skepticism remains— 56% of lawyers responding think the talk about lawyers using social media for marketing is “more hype than reality.” Women lawyers are slightly less skeptical than men, with 51% believing the talk is hype.

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Does your firm use social media as part of a marketing (or other) strategy? What have you found works best? We'd love to hear from you!