What’s the biggest risk most firms are now facing? According to the latest ILTA survey, security has ousted email management as the number one technology issue facing law practices today. What should be done now to protect your legal business?

The business of law is becoming increasingly digital. Every year, firms of all types and sizes rely more on technology to conduct their practices. As with all things digital, increased technology also brings an increase in the number and type of cyber-threats that the firm is exposed to, putting client information and digital casework at an increased risk.

This increase has also been noted by cyber criminals who are evolving from amateurs into gangs of financially motivated criminals specifically targeting legal entities in an attempt to uncover information of value – whether M&A activity or case strategies that could damage a firms’ case – and its reputation.

Recently, ILTA surveyed nearly 500 firms and discovered that over half - 54 percent – don’t even have a mobile device management (MDM) plan in place. Given the increase in attorneys and staff using their own tablets, smartphones and even laptops to access case and client information, these firms are even more susceptible to phishing and other malware attacks that could potentially put matter and client information into play.

Given the all the new attack surfaces and ever-changing threat landscape, IT and security professionals are often playing catch-up to make sure the latest threats don’t detonate on live servers causing exfiltration of casework and client information. This is often made more difficult by aging hardware and OS software which may not be supported as diligently as newer systems.

Some firms are giving up on the cat-and-mouse game of trying to outwit the bad guys and eliminating IT infrastructure altogether, turning instead to private cloud solutions tailored to the specific needs of law firms, thus shifting the burdens of system and security management to legal cloud providers who are much better equipped – from hardware, software, security and governance perspectives – to resolve potential security issues before they become a problem.

Besides offering enterprise-grade security without the headaches, private cloud offerings come with secure, built-in mobile support for all of the iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices your attorneys and staff want to use. What steps are you taking now to ensure your firm doesn’t endure the next Sony-type information leak? We'd love to hear.