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Remote collaboration with clients just got easier in OfficeTools Cloud

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The latest release of OfficeTools Cloud includes a feature accountants are sure to love: a virtual client portal that lets firms share work—including documents, tasks, appointments, and invoices—directly with their clients. As the demand for virtual collaboration grows exponentially, firms can be confident that they’re providing a simple, secure, and streamlined way to serve their clients. Firms not only have the ability to brand the portal with their logo, but also receive a customized url.

Using the client portal is simple

Simply locate the portal icon under the client tab in OfficeTools Cloud.

The portal will list all items your firm has shared with your client, creating a portal dashboard and a centralized location of everything the client has access to.

The firm can also upload and receive documents from the client, along with associated notes, allowing for secure collaboration without the need for email. Clients are able to establish multi-user portals, ensuring that spouses or business partners will also be able to access their information in the portal.

The new client portal includes:


Firm clients can share new documents with the firm and firms are able to share documents with clients through the portal. Clients are able to download documents from the portal.


Clients are able to send notes, and firms can post and respond to client notes.


Clients can view all previous and upcoming appointments.


The firm can assign tasks for the client, such as missing information the firm needs in order to complete a project.


Clients are able to view current and past bills and transactions with the firm, and can pay their invoices using Abacus Payment Exchange.

New to OfficeTools? See our practice management solution in action in this overview video.

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