Your award-winning Results CRM is now even more powerful, with the new Q3 release of Results 2014.  The Q3 release of Results 2014 is available at no charge to clients with a current Results Standard or Priority Customer Care plan.   Log in to the Customer Care Center to download the Results 2014 v14.3.xx Upgrade.

Click here to watch the recorded presentation of these features.

 Here is the complete list of features and enhancements found in this release: 

Home Page & General

  1. Label the Tab of the DMC, with the Home Page entry Name, when a user double-clicks on a Home Page entry.  When the DMC opens, we will use the first 25 characters of the Home Page item "Description" as the Tab Label, instead of just the Results Module name.
  2. Changed the color of the default Highlight for the Active row in “Combine Contacts”, “Mass Invoicing”, “Load Billable Activities”, as the previous color options made the text under them difficult to read.






  1. Added a Copy-and-Paste feature to the Daily View of the Calendar: When you right-click on an activity on the Daily View, you will now be offered an option to “Copy” the activity.  You can then Paste it on any date/time or Assigned to.
  2. Added a right-click menu to the Calendar Timeline View that allows on-the-fly selection of ¼ hour, ½ hour, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week, per calendar increment. 
  3. Changed Calendar Controls for the Weekly, Monthly and Timeline views to display the ToolTip with Linked Contact Info, including project/contact details, when rolling the mouse pointer over an activity, like it does in the Daily view.
  4. The Weekly View had a facelift with clear labeling for each day of the week and a better color scheme.
  5. Adjusted the calendar navigation to automatically update the calendar thumbnail (in the upper left corner), to match the actual calendar date as you scroll through weekly and monthly calendars.



Activities & Service Orders



  1. Allow multiple products to be added via the RapidAdd engine
  2. Allow multiple products to be added via the new “Add QB Groups” RapidAdd engine (see the “Products & QB Items” section below)
  3. Allow mass creation of Purchase Orders (POs), via a new “Create P.O.” button on the products tab, for one or more of the Products on the current Activity or a Service Order
  4. Added visibility to the new Purchase Order information, per product, from Results Mobile.
  5. Added an “Override Bill To with User’s Product Code” option to the Activity Type lookup table.  This feature allows the system to automatically adjust the Bill To Product Code on an Activity or a Service Order to match the billing rate of whoever the Activity or Service Order is Assigned To.  The Default Product Code from the Timesheet Tab of the User record will be used.
  6. Allow Activities and Service Orders to be selectively Hidden from Results Mobile Time Management Portal (TMP) Users.  In the Results desktop interface, on the Activities and Service Orders screen, Added a checkbox on the Calendar tab labeled "Hide from Mobile User" (not checked by default).

Projects & Sales Opportunities

  1. Added Relations Tab to projects, to allow the tracking of how one or more Results Contacts relate back to the project
  2. Added the Associate ID and Associate Display Name to the Projects DMC as well as the Sales Opportunity DMC, so you can now search from these DMC for the Job Site (Associate)
  3. Add the Activity ID field to the Activities grid on Sales Opportunities and Projects
  4. Allow the seven User Fields on the “Contract Info” tab of a Project to be specified and set by the user as well as have all of these fields displayed on the Projects DMC along with the custom User Field labels. 

    Products & QB Items

    1. Allow Product Codes, in Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Activity & Service Order Products as well as the Products Table, to be upper & lower case.
    2. Included the Re-order level field on the products screen in the bi-directional sync with QuickBooks.
    3. Enhance RapidAdd "Grid Entry" to provide the option to type, with auto-fill and drop-down search from the Description Field, not just the Product Code.
    4. Add support for QuickBooks Groups.  When QB Groups are used, these will be automatically imported into Results with every QB Sync and become automatically available to load a Group, with the set Quantities per item in the Group (as specified in QB) in any Quote, Sales Order, Invoice and Purchase Order. To support this feature a new RapidAdd engine was built and “Add QB Group” button has been added to the Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders modules as well as the Products Tab on and Activity and Service Order.
    5. Enhance RapidAdd Grid entry Search for Product Code as well as the new Description Columns to:
      1. Search for entered Text String (word) anywhere within the column it is entered.
      2. Allow search by multiple space-separated Text Strings and display all entries in dropdown that contain these in any order - limited to only those that contain all. i.e.: Logic is translated as "contains A and B and C, etc."
      3. Added option to memorize the preferred Search method to the Configuration Options screen

      Invoicing & Payments

      1. Allow a Default Invoice layout/template to be specified per Contact record, via the Finances Tab of the Contact record.  Any invoice for a contact record with a specified Default Invoice, will then have an “Email It” and “Print It” buttons appear on the top of the Invoice screen.  That will allow the rapid emailing or printing of the invoice, since the user does not need to select the Invoice layout from the list.  Note: The user can still use the “Print or Email” to select a different layout, but using the Default Invoice will speed the process and allows for the use of custom invoice layouts that might be preferred or required per customer
      2. Enhance the Results Mass Invoicing Module with the following enhancements:
        1. Default Checkbox to checked for the option “Only Include Completed Activities”
        2. Add a message that appears after checking the "Invoice Selected Contact" button, which says "Run Selected Invoices? (Yes) (No)".  The process will not proceed unless "Yes" is selected
      3. Allow the “Process Credit Card” button to be available on the Payment screen at any time.  Previously, the “Process Credit Card” button was only available when the payment record is not being edited (after it has been saved.)