The release of Results 2014 is right around the corner!  Our developers gave us a sneak peek of the exciting new features that will be making their debut in a few weeks.  I know this release is going to make our customers smile!

Over the next few posts, I’m going to be sharing a preview of the top three features that will be available in Results 2014.  First up, let’s look at the brand new Relationship Module.

As we all know, CRM helps you build and maintain relationships with your contacts.  The new Relationship Module is going to take that one step further and help you build and maintain relationships among your contacts.   This module will allow you to see the relationships between various contacts and contact associate records. 

Need a real-life example?  If you were in the construction industry, you would use the Relationship Module to view the relationship between a project manager, designer, architect, and contractor that work for different companies but on the same job site.

Here’s the sneak peek of this new screen:

You can use the Effective and Expiration date fields to specify the period of time the specified role or relationship was in effect.