Results CRM 2015 is available and full of many new features and enhancements.

Click here to view the webinar that covers the new features in Results CRM 2015.Upgrade Results CRM

Results CRM Desktop Features and Enhancements:

  1. A new “Calendar” Home Page entry allows users to place multiple Calendar Filters on user’s Home Page.  Note:  When a Calendar entry on the Home Page is double-clicked, the Calendar module is opened and only the specified records are loaded into the Calendar.  Note: The Calendar Tab label will show the first 25 characters of the Home Page entry name that was used to open the Calendar, so that you can keep track of what is included in each copy of the opened calendars and differentiate between them.  This major feature can be used for limitless business needs, from loading the calendar of a select few Results Users only, to limit the loaded Calendar activities to the next three weeks of activities, for example, instead of having to wait on the calendar to load every calendar-bound activity that was ever created in your system.

  1. A new “Product Groups Maintenance” button in the Products DMC provides the ability to create and maintain Product Groups in Results without depending on QuickBooks.

  2. A new Special User Instructions feature displays the special instructions whenever a Contact Record is opened. No matter where the Contact record is accessed, the Message box must be dismissed (by clicking OK), before a user can access Contact Record.  Users can edit the “Special User Instructions” message via a new field on the Additional Info tab. 

  1. On the Daily Calendar view, when an Activity or Service Order contains one or more Products, add a visual notification icon near the "completed checkmark box" on that calendar entry. New Results branding with new graphics, logo and icon.

  1. Added a Copy icon on the Documents screen when accessed/opened from Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Activities and Service Orders.

  1. To support USA addresses, the State field is always visible on the screen, even if for Canada and the UK.

  1. When Quote Items are converted to a Task or Service Order, the Quantity and approved Price is used on the Billable tab.

  2. A new “Date and Time Stamp” feature is available on the "Internal Notes" tab for Activities and Service Orders.

  3. The Invoices DMC has new Contact Type and Contact Territory

  4. The Contacts DMC has a new Job Title

Results CRM Web Features and Enhancements:

  1. New Relations Tab, with the ability to open a Related Contact, to the contact record.
  2. SmartVault integration is available within all DMCs.
  3. Mass Update functionality is now available in the Activities DMC.
  4. “My Results Items” are now on the main menu of R4W.
  5. The full address of an Associate and the Project Description is available from the Links Tab of an Activity/Service Order record.
  6. The “Field Services Portal” user has limited to access to today’s and tomorrow’s assigned activities.
  7. On Results Mobile, the Purchase Order data is now available in the Products attached to an Activity.
  8. New ability to hide a task on an individual’s To-Do List by utilizing the “Hide from Mobile User” checkbox on the Desktop Activity record.