A Closer Look at Results CRM Outlook Add-in

When Results CRM and Outlook connect, business relationships, activities and email conversations are easier to track. Since the two systems work together, it does not matter if contact or calendar information is updated in Results CRM or in Outlook – the information stays in sync, making sure everyone has the right information to work with at all times. One-click Results CRM Outlook Add-In. Click the Results CRM Outlook add-on in your Outlook menu bar to add emails (and their attachments), contacts, appointments from Outlook into Results CRM.  CRM Outlook Add-in View emails in context of the business relationship. Capture emails, including attachments, and save them within Results CRM. Email conversations are neatly filed under each contact’s record so no matter who was on the original email thread, all Results CRM users will be able to see (and remember) the conversation history. CRM Outlook email View a company-wide calendar. The Results CRM Outlook add-in allows employees to quickly update the Results CRM company calendar with their Outlook appointments. Appointments created in Results CRM can also be into Outlook. Outlook CRM Calendar Boost productivity and eliminate duplicate data entry! Update contact information or calendar entries in either system and always have the most up-to-date changes of your contact’s information in Results CRM and Outlook. CRM Outlook Notification