Are you wondering if moving your Results CRM to the cloud is right for you? Don't know the difference between on-premise and a hosted solution? In this Free Training Friday, see how the Abacus Private Cloud helps you increase data security while allowing you to have visibility to your data, regardless of where you or your team members work!


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Video Transcription

Hello everyone, and welcome to today's Free Training Friday. My name's Kalei and I'm a marketing coordinator here at AbacusNext. Today we're gonna be going over Results in Abacus Private Cloud, what is the private cloud, why do we use it, how does it work, etc. Today we have with us Ryan Prewitt, he's a Senior Cloud Consultant here at AbacusNext. This will be about a 30 minute webinar where we will do 20 minutes of demo and then we'll take your questions towards the end. Without further ado I'll let Ryan take it over.

Yes, thank you for the introduction, and thank everyone for joining us here for our demonstration webinar of the private cloud with Results. I'm first gonna start out with a PowerPoint presentation that walks us through a few slides that explain what all goes into the Abacus Private Cloud. Then I'll poke around the environment so you can see exactly what it looks like when you are in the private cloud with a virtual desktop.

So AbacusNext originally started as a case management or calendaring software back in 1983. Since then, we've grown and partnered with some of the industry leaders such as Microsoft, Intuit, Sophos, etc. to provide a full Technology-as-a-Service for our customers.

It's headquartered in San Diego, but we have partners with the Switch Data Centers. You can see those are located here in the United States, and San Diego, a couple here in San Diego, Las Vegas Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona. We have a couple more coming up here in Q1 of 2018.

One of the nice things about AbacusNext, you can see that we have some other Data Centers located outside of the country, but with people in the United States, or people who are in Canada, everything will stay in your own country. The backups to and from our other data centers will only be in the United States, here in the United States customer.

Those data centers in the private cloud will help you meet all these different regulatory compliances, so it comes out of the box with that. A little information about switch data centers, our partners, Abacus Private Cloud is hosted only on tier 4 or tier 5 data centers. Right here is a photo of the switch data center in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's currently the only tier 5 data center in the world. What the tier system involves is the different types of redundancies that you are going to have in place to ensure we can guarantee that 99.999% up time per year, which boils down to less than 5 minutes or so per year of downtime, unscheduled downtime.

So the Switch Data Center, those redundancies that we were speaking about are ... It's connected to 2 different power grids, but it's also ran on all renewable energy, and for some reason if the wind stops blowing and the sun stops shining, that actually has 96 hours of power outage protection with backup generators, and a backup generator on that generator. You really never have to worry about the server being turned off due to any interruption for any time.

You can see here this is actually what the cages look like, where our servers are hosted for you. We're next to some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, who are also partners with Switch, so this is definitely top of the line security here that's in place. If we're gonna be monitored not by only the Abacus Private Cloud team here in San Diego, but also the Switch Data Center team, to ensure that your servers are never getting too hot, too cold, there's enough power, enough internet going into your servers, etc.

Here's some of that physical security that we have in place, like Man traps, which is the photo right here. We also have the armed guards, retinal scanners. It's very much like "Mission: Impossible" to get into these data centers. You can insure not only do we have our partners at Sophos, with their UTM Firewalls and anti-virus malware protection in front of each and every one of our client's servers, we also have the physical security.

Here's an iconograph of what the Abacus Private Cloud looks like when you're connecting to it. You can use any device, anywhere to connect to the Abacus Private Cloud. All you need is an internet connection. You can imagine yourself unfortunately if someone calls you while you're on vacation in Hawaii, you can go down to the business center, bring you Mai Tai with you, connect to the Abacus Private Cloud, and it's by this you're connecting to your desktop that's in your office.

You'll be able to access all your tools, all the applications, and not have to worry about it being on or off if you were using something like team login or anything like that to get to your desktop in the office. The data centers are backed up, so if there was any catastrophic event, you would rest assured that we have a complete back up nightly of your full environment and work. We do snapshots throughout the day using Zing, one of our other partners.

When you connect via [inaudible 00:05:56] into the data center, you'll be going through some different firewall network protection protocols, and that will grant you access to your virtual desktop. That virtual desktop we will provide all these different services for you. That's doing the backups nightly and snapshots throughout the day. We take care of all your document services for you.

The Abacus Private Cloud is software agnostic, so anything that can be ran on a Windows based operating machine can be ran in the Abacus Private Cloud. You don't have to worry about doing any of your data based services like running your Microsoft Patches, which come out seemingly every day. That's something that we would actually provide for you.

One of the huge benefits of APC is there's zero shared resources, so you're completely segmented off of any of our other clients. If your neighbor were to get a virus, you would feel no effect, and then as well, you're not sharing any of their resources. It's just you and your users who have access to your private club network.

When you're connecting to the Abacus Private Cloud, all of your information in transit would have 1.2 encryption, so if you are connecting at a Starbucks, you don't have to worry about someone connecting to your tunnel, because that tunnel is also 256 bit encrypted, so they would just be getting a bunch of gibberish back if they were trying to see what you were doing.

Here's some of the protection and protection protocols that go into the connecting into your virtual desktop, or your Private Cloud. Every time you connect, you can actually have a white listed IP address for home office, but if your connecting outside of the office, we can add a multi backdrop specification similar to if you're connecting to your bank account on an entrusted device. They ask you to pin something that you get a text message. We actually have an app that will just ask "Are you trying to connect to your private cloud?" You put "yes," it will run through all of these different detection protocols, and then grant you access.

If you don't need people accessing your private cloud from Russia, or China, where a lot of those hackers are coming from, we can completely lock locations and country IP addresses. That would block any access from outside of trusted IP addresses or countries. Once you have access, you'll have access to all your tools, all your application and all of your data that you have stored on the private cloud.

Touching on what we were talking about with some of those hackers, Ransomware is becoming an even larger epidemic than we ever thought. Fifty percent of businesses were affected in 2016. They're not going after the large hospitals or large enterprises, they're going for big, quick tufts by just hitting small and medium businesses. One thing that they don't mention to you is when you do get that link that you accidentally clicked on, it only takes seconds for it to encrypt not only your computer, but the entire network that you're connected on.

When you do have that happen, and even if you were to pay your ransom, it takes not just one little key stroke to put in whatever the password to get everything unencrypted, it encrypts file by file, so this can take days or weeks to get you back up and running. Here at Abacus one of our clients has actually experienced, and we ran through someone who had ransomware. What they did after they accidentally clicked on that link, was give us a call, and within 23 minutes, because of our backup services and snapshots that we take of your environment, we got them back up and running with losing very minimal time, and zero dollars to pay off the hackers.

Here's an iconograph of what the different services that we'll be able to provide for you as an Abacus Private Cloud. There's things called Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a service, and Technology as a Service. If you were to imagine this as if we were building you a house. Your platform as a service is your servers, your network, all of the different things that you would need to have put together. We can consider that your house, your land and your utilities.

The Platform-as-a-Service is gonna be the home that we would be building for you. You can think of it as the frame, the roof, the walls, everything put together for you, building you a new home and just moving all your applications. As your technology provider, we are in a unique position that we provide not only the support for your applications like AbacusLaw, Result Software, Office 365, QuickBooks, any of those software we provide for you, but we also are providing the maintenance on your environment.

We are one of the only providers that actually are able to do full support if you were to run into any issues with your environment, or your software. For instance, if you have something going wrong with your Office 365 or Outlook, I don't know if you've ever tried to call into Microsoft and get someone on the phone, but hopefully you have some series on Netflix you need to catch up on, because it's gonna take a really long time, if you even get put through.

Here you would actually be able to call our engineers that are trained to take care of the Office 365 platform, and they would be able to take care of any of your messages that you might be experiencing.

Here's a little outlook of the vendors that we could help replace and bundle together, instead of going to six, seven, eight different vendors. With the Abacus Private Cloud we like to say it's one hand to shake, when everything's going right, but when things aren't going right, it's one throat to choke. That means you only have one phone call to make to take care of any of your error messages or anything going wrong with your environment, you can call our staff here.

Here's some of the benefits of the Abacus Private Cloud, and the differences between the Private Cloud versus the Public Cloud. A lot of people are used to and most cloud providers out there are based of a Public Cloud. Those Public Clouds are all shared resources. Most of the time, those providers won't be able to point to where your private data is housed and located. One of the more dangerous or vulnerable things about being on a public cloud is that it's not just your information and a like industry's information.

The server farm that you are on could potentially have a news website, an explicit website, so you have no idea of the other users that are actually on the cloud. If someone were to attack any of those other websites, not necessarily going after what you have housed, all your information, and your client's information, could be vulnerable as well.

What's an example of a Public Cloud?

Something like the document storage company, Dropbox. Dropbox who can store all of your information, all your client's information up there, but if you were to call them and ask them where all your information is located, they would not be able to point to it, nor could they guarantee that your information isn't co-mingling with not just Dropbox users.

One of the huge benefits also is the Abacus Private Cloud is a fully customized for IT solutions. Not only are we going to be providing you the environment, we're also going to be providing you the IT service. The only thing we can't really do for you is replace the mouse, replace the batteries in your mouse, fix a paper jam, but anything in the environment we'll be able to take care of for you.

It's also full scalable. If you start out with just a few users, you're only gonna be paying for those users and the resources that you needed. When you need to add more users and more resources, that when we can ...It's called pay as you grow, so you're not just stuck with a terabyte of information when you only have maybe 10 gigabytes and paying for it.

Here's some things that you can ask yourself in regards to what the Abacus Private Cloud could help. If you have some old servers, what are you currently doing for your backups, who's doing your IT currently, how is their response time, does it take them days, hours to get there instead of just maybe a phone call, like it would be to us? How many vendors are actually paying? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place if it were to hit the fan per se?

If there was any questions, I could go through those, I wanted to actually jump in to the latter part of the presentation where I show you the live Abacus Private Cloud environment. I was actually doing that presentation from my Abacus Private Cloud environment. You can see that I have my PowerPoint presentation open here, I have my results here, we have our go to webinar, I have Chrome open, You can pop open your Excel.

You can notice that these applications are springing up rather quickly. That's because we use all Stall State drives. Everything that you're going to be using here should spring up automatically for you with no lag time. The only thing you're using when you connect to the Abacus Private Cloud with the device you're using is the internet connection. Once you're connected, you're actually using the resources that we provided for you.

This is the actual desktop that I used to connect here. It's actually extremely slow, so I'm glad I can connect to my private cloud. It has error messages as you can see here, it can't really do much. One I connect to my Abacus Private Cloud, I'm flying around in here, hopping from application to application.

Not only is all of your tools gonna be located here, or any other application that can be installed on a Windows based operating system, but all of your data as well. All your data will be listed here, we can have a copy of what it currently looks like, so you're used to how your file structure is set up on your server. One of the great things is we also provide shadow copies here of these files. If someone were to actually go in and edit a document, you can come in and we can help you provide a previous version of that document, if they weren't supposed to actually be touching that document.

That's actually the Abacus Private Cloud, you can see I have my results running in here. We have our PowerPoint, we have other applications. It's definitely a very secure, very high performing processing machine for you so that you don't have to worry about your IT needs, and you can focus on what's at hand, your business.


Will my QuickBooks integrate with APC, can I use QuickBooks still?

Absolutely. We're an Intuit partner, so not only can you use your QuickBooks in Abacus Private Cloud and have it connected to your results CRM as if it were on your local system, but we can also help you provide some support for your QuickBooks and results, because we do have Intuit trained engineers on staff.

Does the Private Cloud work on a Macintosh computer?

Yes, because you're using something called the remote desktop connection, or remote desktop protocol, it's already on all Windows based operating machines, but for users who are using an android or Macintosh device, you can download it from the App Store for free. You just would put in your login credentials, and you'll be able to pop on to your Abacus Private Cloud.

For instance, you can even connect to your Private Cloud, and you'll be able to see this environment here on your cell phone. I have an iPhone, I have the remote desktop connection on there. I connect to my Private Cloud, and I can edit things if I need.

I have a small business. I only have three employees. Does it make sense to have the Abacus Private Cloud?

Absolutely, because the Abacus Private Cloud... Instead of paying all the different vendors, having a third party IT company, or if you're paying for that IT company monthly, you can have all three of your users on there. We'll take care of all the IT and security needs and technology needs for you, and you can focus on your business, and then when your business grows, we can always add more users and resources for you.

You don't have to go out and invest in high powered machines for your users, you can literally go out and buy a $175 Cloud book, and have that be what everyone is using with the not so nice monitors, and it will be acting as if it was one of those high powered machines because of the virtual machines that we have built out for you with Softy drives, Windows 2016, R2 Server. Absolutely it's definitely worth any type of user's count can be on Abacus Private Cloud.

How many devices can I have, is there a limit? Can I use if I have multiple laptops and iPads at home, how many can I use?

Great question. The Abacus Private Cloud will only have one connection. You can only make one connection from a device into your virtual machine, or your virtual desktop, but it doesn't matter what device you use. The nice thing is when you can imagine that you're at work, you're plugging away, you check the time, you're running late for dinner, so you just leave the office, you leave your Abacus Private Cloud open at the office.

When you get home, after dinner you need to take care of whatever you're doing, the Abacus Private Cloud environment will actually have open whatever you were currently working on. You don't have to restart your process of what you were working on, and figure out where you were. It will automatically be saved and up there for you.

Thanks for joining us today! Feel free to sign up for future webinars at If you have any more questions, feel free to send those to, and don't forget to tune into next week's Free Training Friday, we'll be looking forward to seeing you there.

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