Are you making the most of ResultsCRM? If you’re not using the Mass Renewal module, the answer’s no. Let’s dive into this handy feature so you can use it to maximize revenue.

How does the Mass Renewal module work? The tool identifies expiring memberships or maintenance contracts and automatically generates invoices for the associated Contacts.

Setting Up the Mass Renewal Module

Before you use this module, you need to establish Product Types and Groups for the various types of memberships and/or contracts you offer. The following screen shots show an example of a company offering Memberships, including a discounted “Student Membership”:

1. If you haven’t done so already, add the Product Types that will appear on your invoices.

2. Setup Groups for your Mass Renewal Products:

  • On the Setup tab in the Maintain Lookup Values group, click Contacts and then select Groups.
  • Click the Add icon to add a new entry.
  • Fill out the Group, Description, and Group Category fields.
  • Select the products that are associated with the new group in the Bill To Product for Mass Renewal field. Here, we’ve selected a group for the student membership.
  • Click the Save icon to save the record.

3. Add the group to contacts manually, or use the “Update Groups” option in the Contact Data Center to add Contacts into the new group or into groups you’ve created.

4. Using the Update Groups option for multiple contacts:

  • To add a group to multiple contacts at once, click the checkboxes along the left side of the Data Center. This will allow you to use the Update Group Option on the toolbar:
  • Next, a pop-up screen will ask you if you’d like to Delete or Add groups to these contacts:
  • Click “Add Groups” and fill out the form. Make sure you populate the Expiration field with a date, as the Renewal module will not show groups that are not expired when you use it later to create invoices:
  • Click “Add Groups” and confirm the action on the pop-up screen:

5. Adding a group to a single product:

  • From an open contact, navigate to the “Groups” section:
  • Click the dropdown arrow to pick a group from the list and enter an expiration date.
  • Save the contact!

Using the Mass Renewal Module

1. On the Finances tab in the Invoices group, click Mass Renewal.

2. Enter the date range for the Expiration Dates.

3. Enter a Date to Show on Renewal Invoice.

4. Select the Show Proposed Renewal Invoices button. Based on your date range, the system will provide a list of proposed invoices below.

5. If you don’t want to invoice a particular contact, uncheck the box in the first column of the grid that is associated with that record. You can also use the Select All and Clear All buttons to select your desired records.

6. Press the Invoice Selected Contacts and Extend Expiration Dates. You will notice the Invoice ID, Invoice Amount, and Tax Amount columns of the selected records are now populated (*not pictured; these columns will be visible if you scroll the viewing area to the right.)

7. To preview any of the invoices, push the View button associated with the record.

8. Press the Print Completed Invoices.

  • Note: printing the invoices from this screen is best suited for printing paper copies for mailing.