smb cloud security minimizing risk

Why is SMB cloud security the single biggest hesitation for small
businesses considering the move over to cloud-based solutions?

Small business owners tend to look at SMB cloud security as inherently riskier because they “don't control and manage security” concerning the servers holding their data. But if we actually review the stats, it becomes obvious that most small businesses would be far more secure putting their data in the (right) cloud.

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As SMB cloud security and service providers, it's our full-time mission to manage physical and digital security protocol and infrastructure; rarely if ever does an SMB possess the knowledge, expertise and resources for advanced surveillance systems, cutting-edge encryption methods, third-party security certs, regular auditing and testing against attacks.

Let's begin with the most evident advantages. Small businesses that embrace the solutions model provided by Abacus Private Cloud benefit from indisputable benefits: from lower cost entry barriers to market to enterprise caliber hardware at seriously reduced rates. If you're just launching a small business, this preempts any large up-front capital outlay. You won't need to deploy any physical IT infrastructure and entrepreneurs are granted access to sophisticated technology that's entirely customizable.  In the not distant future most of small business needs will be provided via cloud-based offerings.

“There needs to be a shift in the discussion; it's no longer about should small businesses adopt cloud solutions, it's about choosing the right provider that has a track record of securing their users' data. As a small business owner, you certainly should be extremely diligent and cautious - these are qualities that help your business thrive and survive. But your CIO should at least be leading the way,” writes Ben Uretsky at HuffPost, Cloud Security, Believe The Hype.

The SMB Cloud Security Promise Delivers

smb cloud security is an improvement for SMBs over 94% of the time

If your business is nervous about storing sensitive data in the public cloud, utilizing a premium managed private cloud that's meant exclusively for your business and can be firewalled apart from the rest of the internet is an ideal start. This alone will spare you much anxiety, frustration and cost caused by locally-installed physical servers, which are superfluous in most all cases.

Happily, SMB cloud security fears are dwindling.  Premier reliable cloud providers will gladly detail their security protocol and guarantees to you.  Their SMB cloud security mission will be transparent, and their Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees a level of uptime (for APC this is 99.999%). If your small business is ready to make the leap to private managed cloud, you will get world-class IT infrastructure at significantly reduced costs.

Paramount, SMB cloud security only gets better and better as performance continuously increases, with substantially lower cost outlay and stress. Many SMBs lose critical data because it wasn't securely backed up or residing on an old computer kept under a manager’s desk.

As a small business owner you must take appropriate action to ensure the growth and security of your company. The cloud is an inescapable solution to obstacles like start-up investment challenges and rapid scalability. Schedule an APC demo or free trial and find out what all the excitement is about first hand.