The activity list in Practice Management 2012 is an incredibly powerful tool that allows users to see a concise list of all tasks, due dates, alerts and appointments quickly. While this is convenient, during the busier times of year our activity list can become unwieldy and difficult to work from. The search box on the activity list has some added features to make finding exactly what you need easier.


When you type into the search box typically it will filter the activity list to display only the items that contain the words you search, however if you preface a word with a minus symbol the list will exclude items that have that word.


For example, you might search for 1040 to see all items in your list that have 1040 in the description, but let’s say you want to exclude any of your “review” assignments, simply type “1040 -review” to see all 1040 items that don’t have the word review in them.


This added search functionality will allow you to be very specific about what you want to see in your activity list. When combined with the existing filters and the ability to view items for all staff, the activity list becomes an even more powerful tool for managing workflow in your office.