Turning Conference Leads into Revenue

No doubt – you are going to be meet some amazing people at QBConnect!  When you return, you’ll have a stack full of business cards, several new contacts on your phone, tons of new ideas sparked from conversation, and, for vendors, if you wait a few days, a spreadsheet full of names from the show administrator!

Here are a few tips for generating business out from your list of new contacts:

1. Tag your leads as you meet them.  At the conference, make sure to identify your new contacts as a cold, warm or hot lead before they walk away.  When you get back to the office, you will have a tons of names to sort through and you’ll want to spend your energy following up with the people that are the best fit for your company.  Want a personal trick?  I fold the left corner of business cards for warm leads and the right corner for hot leads.  If you do better with faces, ask your new contact if you can take a picture of them holding their business card.  Viola!  Problem solved.  I use both methods at every conference I attend.  I especially like having people hold their badge and letting me take a picture.  This give me an ability to always have a face with the name, which makes me feel more connected.

2. Execute “the plan”. Before you left, you should have come up with post-conference game plan where you customized workflow and follow up processes for potential partners, warm leads or hot leads.  As you import your contacts into your CRM, sit back and let the system automatically trigger follow-up processes.  A full-featured CRM should create a prioritized to-do list for you so that hot leads can be attended to first and that nothing falls through the cracks!

3. Give your Prospects Time to Get Settled.  Everyone at the conference is getting back to the office after being away.  Please don’t be the guy (or gal) that tries to get their attention in the middle of the madness!  I find that waiting 6 business days to follow up is generally a good rule of thumb.   Everyone is more willing to listen when they don’t have a giant Inbox or lots of catch up work staring at them!

4. A good CRM is a survival mechanism for your sales!  No matter if your post conference follow up consists of phone calls, emails, meetings, Constant Contact emails, or a multi-step marketing campaigns, as your relationships with people develop, you’ll want to view the history of contact.  Having contact information in a central location allows you to build better relationships and will allow you to evaluate how to improve your follow up plan for next year!

About the Author:


Richard Roppa is the Owner of Quasar Cowboy Consulting.  Richard is passionate about Business Process, the entire QuickBooks Eco-Sphere, and helping businesses grow through integrated CRM.  Richard has presented in a variety of accounting shows on topics including QBO for Accountants, Engagement Letters, Practice Growth Strategies, CRM, SmartVault, Sales, Practice Management Software, and Cloud Applications. He is also a published author on AccountingWEB.com and The Intuit Accountant Blog.