With hackers and other cyber pitfalls affecting more and more accounting and law firms, there is still no universally accepted standard that firms must meet to show that they are adequately protected. See how Abacus Private Cloud (APC) puts your critical business data and vital applications into a highly secure, virtual workspace accessible anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Video Transcription

Alright, thanks everybody so much for joining us again. My name is Kalei White. I'm a marketing coordinator here at AbacusNext, and today I have with me Mike Wojniak. He's a cloud consultant with us. We will be going over how the Abacus Private Cloud safeguards and mobilizes your firm at the same time with a little bit of a demo here. This will run for about 20-30 minutes. We want to keep it short because we know that you're busy, especially during this time of year. So, without further ado, I'll let Mike take it away. Hey Mike!

Hi Kalei. Thanks for the introduction, and thanks everyone for joining. We're glad to have you here. As Kalei said, we're going to go over a little bit about the Abacus Private Cloud and how you can essentially safeguard and mobilize your firm. With the Abacus Private Cloud, we work with of course a number of different industries, primarily in the legal and financial, and also in the medical field. Although we're going to talk a little bit about the ins and outs of the Private Cloud, why we believe it's a secure way to store your data, and why we think it's a cost-effective way as well.

So again, as Kalei said, my name is Mike Wojniak. I'm one of the cloud consultants over here at AbacusNext, and I've been here for a little while, been definitely enjoying working with the company. We work with not only a lot of clients here on the west coast, but also on the east coast and international clients, as well, through a number of different countries.

I'm going to go through a couple of different screens here and just talk about the Abacus Private Cloud. Feel free to ask questions, and they will come up in our pane here, and we will respond either during the webinar or afterwards as soon as we have time, and then I'm going to show a quick demo to Abacus Private Cloud, as well.

So, the Abacus Private Cloud, what this image depicts is essentially how it is structured. It's a visual representation of how we connect to the private cloud. So of course we have over here on the left where you're connecting to it. You can connect from your office, from your home, really just anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. So the nice thing about this is that, if you're out working on the beach in Hawaii, or if you're working in London, or wherever it may be, you can have access to not just the applications, but your entire desktop. So that means everything that you've set up, everything that you've customized in your desktop and the way that you work, will all be accessible just by logging in to an internet connection.

We do have a number of data centers here in the US. All of our US-based clients, we keep their data in the United States. Then we have a couple of data centers in Canada, as well, for our Canadian clients, and then the UK as well for our clients over there in Europe. So we do provide a firewall and intrusion detection, and that way, any time we connect, it's highly, highly secure. Not only firewall and intrusion, but also an access layer that any connection will have to go through. So when you connect through these different devices, you will see a number of things that we build into your virtual desktop. You're going to be able to see any of the applications we're hosting. So right here, we have just a few examples. We have QuickBooks, Office 365, and then a number of other applications that we can host in there. We can essentially host any application in the Private Cloud, assuming we built in the proper operating space for it.

We also provide a virtual server backup. That means that we're going to back up all of your data, and we do it daily as well. Generally, we set it to do 30 days of backup, but we can go back further. We can customize it really to any length that you want us to. This is ideal for any clients that may need to jump back at some point in the history of their work flow. Say you did something two weeks ago and you wanted to jump back to that particular date and see what you may have deleted or what you may have edited on that date. We can restore back to that date within about 30 minutes at any particular time, so it's a very nice way of monitoring your work flow and any changes that you made, as well.

We also have document services and central authentication and access control, and that means that we're able to essentially manage all of your IT infrastructure through the Private Cloud environment. So, if you have offices in a number of different locations, rather than having a server connect all of the different offices and having an IT group manage that for you, we can build that internally, and we can manage that for you and provide support on them, as well.

There are quite a few benefits to the Abacus Private Cloud. I'm going to go over a few of those as you can see here on the screen. Number one is that there's zero capital investment. What that means is that you no longer need to purchase a server. You no longer need to purchase an IT agreement. None of these physical things that needed to be purchased previously when you're building your office and your IT infrastructure, none of those need to be purchased any longer. So the complete data ownership, what that means is that you are always the owner of all of your applications, all of your data, all of your backups. We do not own that. We just call ourselves the guardians of your data. That means that we're monitoring it 24/7, we have ways that we constantly monitor your environment, we look for spikes and any types of potential intrusion, and that way we can deal with it immediately upon the notice of it.

As I mentioned, it does remove any IT burdens, as well. That means you no longer need to worry about updating your server and backing up all of your data, calling out to different vendors and dealing with a number of different vendors. So the way that Abacus has structured the Private Cloud is so you only need to deal with one vendor. That means that you don't have to call your IT person and then call someone else to update your software and then call someone else for support. We would manage all of that for you. We also have partnerships with Microsoft and QuickBooks, so we provide support on those as well as our own applications that we own and offer.

We also provide disaster recovery. This means that, in the event of some type of natural disaster, whatever it may be, we're going to be able to provide support and instantly have you back up and running. That is because we have a number of data centers geographically dispersed throughout the US and of course throughout the world as well for our international clients.

Flexible and scalable means that we are able to add in any resources at any time. We do customize the Private Cloud environment, which means if you only have one user, we're going to give you the resources that you need for that one particular user. If you have a large firm with 50 to maybe 100 employees we're going to be able to easily build out enough RAM, enough data space, and operating system space as well. We like to say Abacus Private Cloud is device agnostic, and that means you can use an Android, you can use an Apple product, and the way that you access it is through the remote desktop. That's a free app that you can get through either of those app stores. Just download it and then you'll be able to access your Private Cloud as soon as you have your credentials.

The Private Cloud integrates with Office 365 as well, so because we are a gold level partnership, we partner with them, we provide those licenses and then we also provide the support on them, as I was saying earlier, so rather than having to call Microsoft, wait on hold, and then call us or call your IT group, you can just reach out to us and we would handle any Microsoft 365 related incident and provide of course unlimited support on that as well.

Effortless deployment, we have a project management team here, and a number of different implementation teams that deal solely with deploying the Abacus Private Cloud and managing it as well. So as soon as we build out your environment, or are able to move your data into it, provided the credentials, and then you can easily log in to your own virtual desktop from any location from any device.

Now we're going to go over some of the key elements in the Abacus Private Cloud. The security is definitely, I would say, some of the leading security in the nation, as far as what we're able to provide. This is due to not only the antivirus and malware that we use, but also the data centers that we use. We use Tier 4 and Tier 5 data centers, which are the top tiers out there today. As I mentioned, it's also geographically dispersed in the US, as well. This means that, if something happens to the entire west coast, we have a number of other data centers spread out throughout the US where we automatically move the data so we have it in more than one location at one time.

Because we deal with primarily legal groups and also CPA forms and in the medical industries, as well as a number of government entities that we deal with, our compliances and certifications that we offer are very, very high. On our website we have them all actually listed out, but we're SSAE 16-compliant; SOC 1-, 2-, and 3-; and if you're on AbacusNext.com and you go to the Private Cloud link, you can actually click on the certification link there and see just a laundry list of certifications and regulatory compliances that we adhere to due to the nature of the data and data integrity of the companies that we deal with.

The performance and reliability of the Abacus Private Cloud is really unparalleled in the industry. We do have a 99.999% uptime guarantee. What that means is, throughout the course of the year, you're going to have very, very little downtime whatsoever where you won't be able to access your cloud. That's generally only when we're doing some type of update, which we do normally in the very early hours of the night, and we give you a heads-up on that as well. We use cutting edge hardware. We use solid state disks versus spinning disks. If anyone has used a solid state laptop, you know that they're significantly faster and they're just more expensive, too because they are a higher grade of technology.

Enterprise architecture, we're using technology that has developed for enterprise-type companies and yet because we've invested into it, we're able to provide that to smaller companies and smaller firms as well. So because we spent the money into it, we're able to provide that to someone at a significantly lower cost than if they were to purchase it themselves. As I said, we do have full redundancy. That means that, throughout the US we are able to ensure that, if anything ever happens in a data center we are fully redundant, and that's with a number of different criteria within the data centers, as well. We do server maintenance and automatic system upgrades. This comes just with the package. It's not an extra add-on or anything. We monitor your systems 24/7 as I mentioned earlier, and this includes managing the antivirus and malware protection, as well. We use Sophos for that, and that is one of the industry leaders in antivirus.

We did touch on this earlier. As I said, all data belongs to you. We're just the guardians of it. This means that, at any time, if you decide to leave the Abacus Private Cloud, which of course we would never want you to, but we would provide you with all of your data. We would give you an encrypted hard drive that's completely yours. We don't do anything with it other than monitor it for you and make sure that it's safe and secure. As I mentioned, it is application agnostic, dynamic and scalable, and we do handle the data with privacy protocols in accordance with the NIST standards.

About the management and support, I know we touched on this too, but I do want to talk a little bit more about it because I do think it is one of the most beneficial parts of having the Abacus Private Cloud. Not only are you having the virtual desktop that we've created for you, you have an entire infrastructure built and customized exactly to your needs. So our APC Total Care Team, we are available around the clock. We are able to help you with really any related issues in regards to the IT infrastructure that we've built. The IT Help Desk we have here is in San Diego. We have a couple different offices in the US, but you're not calling some other country on the other side of the world. You're calling us right here, and if you ever deal with any of your account managers or anyone over here at Abacus you know that if you have any type of challenge or any IT needs we're able to all connect you immediately with someone to help you out on that.

Whenever I deal with any of my clients, I'm not only providing my font of information, but my ability to escalate something, walk over to the support team and say, "Hey, we need to work on this right away." So to me, that's the benefit of dealing with a company like Abacus versus trying to deal with someone like Microsoft. Not that Microsoft is a bad company. We work with them. But, if you tried to call them on the support line, it can be a little challenging to get through to an actual person and speak with them, especially when you have some type of urgent need.

I'm going to show you a quick demo of it. We're coming towards the end, here. But what we can do is give you a free technical assessment, a free cybersecurity assessment, and this would allow you to determine, "Here's some maybe some places we can improve upon in our current IT infrastructure, and here's some ways that we can benefit and provide benefit to your firm."

So right now, I'm actually logged into my Private Cloud environment right here. I came right through the virtual desktop, which is a little link here. If anyone hadn't seen it. I'm sorry, I came through the remote desktop icon. I just logged on with my credentials, and now I'm on my virtual desktop. I want to show you this here, because you can see that this is its own window in itself. This is my complete virtual desktop with all of my applications built into it. I have Abacus Accounting, Abacus Client Portal, Abacus Law. These are all products that Abacus owns and we offer. We can deploy them in the Private Cloud. I also have my Outlook, and it's really easy to see that I could drag and drop something from my local workstation, which is here, into my virtual desktop right here. I can copy and paste really any document, any type of data that I want to move from one to the other.

You'll see here, if I were to expand this it looks just like any other desktop on the workstation, however, this is my Private Cloud environment. What that means is, I can access this desktop here with all of my applications from any device at any location. It's really nice if you're working on the go, if you're working in port, if you're working and just traveling quite a bit. This is probably the easiest way to safely manage all of your applications, all of your data, ensure that it's backed up, and know that you can get into it at any time.

As you can see, it's really super-simple to use.It doesn't take much IT background. It doesn't take really any technological knowledge other than knowing how to log in to a remote desktop with your credentials. We take care of everything on the back end. All you see is your desktop, and all you see is the way that you would normally work in this environment, so it does, as we mentioned, remove any IT burden. This is essentially what we called desktop as a service. We architect all the engineering, all of the support, and consolidate really everything you're using into one desktop.

I believe we're coming a little close here to the end. If we have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them now, or you can always shoot them into the GoTo meeting, and we can shoot you an email you back. Again, my name is Mike over here with AbacusNext. I want to thank everyone for joining. Feel free to reach out if you would like a free demo or a free cybersecurity and technical assessment, and we'll be glad to get you some more information.


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