Abacus Private Cloud puts your critical practice data and vital applications into a private virtual workspace that is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime, while removing IT management burdens and costs. Watch this recording of a live demo webinar!


Video Transcription

Hello everyone and welcome to today's Abacus Private Club demo webinar. My name's Kalei White, I'm a marketing coordinator here at AbacusNext and today I have with me Mike Wojniak, he is a cloud consultant. Hello Mike.

So today's webinar will be a 15 to 20 minute demo session and then we will have time for the remainder for your questions and answers so feel free to submit your questions in the question portion of the webinar control pane. We will take those towards the end and this is being recorded so don't worry about taking notes or anything like that. Just look out for a follow up email later in the day with the recording and further information about APC. We also have an amazing special going on right now, promotional pricing so make sure to check out that follow up email. And without further ado I'll let Mike take it away.

Thanks so much Kalei. Everyone my name is Mike again and we're going to talk a little bit today about the Abacus Private Cloud and how you can safeguard and mobilize your firm with the Abacus Private Cloud. So we're going to talk a little bit about what the private cloud actually entails and what it is, how it works and functionality. Then we're also going to take a quick demo of it as well. I'm going to log in and just show you exactly what it looks like and how it works in real time. So again as Kalei said we're going to have some time for questions at the end so feel free to type them in the question box or you know hold them out to the end whatever, either way we're going to get to them so definitely feel free to ask away.

So this visualization here gives you a pretty good description of how the Abacus Private Cloud is structured. So on the left here we have a number of different locations where you can access your private cloud. So of course you can access it from your office, from your home, really anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection you can access your private cloud, which is a desktop from any device. So any device, any time, any location, 24/7 access to that as well. When you're connecting to it, you're connecting to one of our data centers here in the U.S. We have nine data centers across the U.S. geographically dispersed and we do have data centers in Canada, in the UK as well for those clients that are in other parts of the world. But here for our U.S. based customers we only use the data centers in the U.S. The way to get to the data center, you have to go through our firewall and intrusion detection and also an access layer. This is to provide absolute security from any type of intrusion or malware that may come through.

So the access layer we actually have two factor authentication and what this is is a notification that you will receive when you log into your Abacus Private Cloud. You will receive a push notification, it's not a text or a phone call or an email, anything like that, it's an actual push notification that will come to your device and notify you that someone is trying to log in. It should be you and you can confirm it and then log in.

We do have as well a number of different things that we store in the private cloud, so we of course give you a client virtual desktop and this is like a you know your desktop when you log into your local computer. It looks exactly the same with your icons on there, applications. You can see that we can run a number of different applications from QuickBooks to Microsoft Office to a number of products that we own as well, including OfficeTools which is our accounting platform, Results CRM, which is our primary CRM and then also Amicus Attorney or AbacusLaw, which are legal management software that we offer as well. We did recently purchase HotDocs as well so we will be implementing that very soon.

We also manage your virtual server backups so this is including all of your data not only your data but your permission levels, your applications and everything associated with that data as well so the way your network is structured, the entire infrastructure in itself. Even if often your data can become corrupted if you are attacked by malware or ransomware and even if you restore that data back often times you will still lose all of the permissions, network setup and everything associated with that as well.

So I want to talk a little bit about some of the benefits of Abacus Private Cloud. Number one, it is zero capital investment so you do not have to purchase any hardware. We've already invested a lot in the hardware in the data centers that we use, we use a very very high level and tier of data centers and again geographically dispersed throughout the U.S. Of course we do not own your data, you always own it. What I mean by that is that you can get a copy of your data anytime even if you decide to move somewhere else, of course we wouldn't want you to, but we provide you with a copy of all of your data. So we don't look into it or anything like that, we're just merely be guardians of your data. The Abacus Private Cloud is designed to remove any IP not only cost but any burdens associated with it.

So we do build a complete infrastructure for you as you would have many companies had an entire network set up or they would have a server or sometimes multiple servers and you would be connecting especially if you have other office locations. Every office would have to connect to that particular server and you have to have a network and a network administrator. Then of course either an IT person or a team to handle that for you, sets it up and maintains it with upgrades and updates. All of this stuff is done in the Abacus Private Cloud automatically. So once we've structured the environment for you, we completely handle all of the administration, all of the updates, all of the upgrades, security patches. We maintain it constantly so we're 24/7 monitoring on the environment as well.

Disaster recovery, and we have full disaster recovery because we have a number of different data centers, again, through the U.S. So if something happens in one data center, a natural disaster of some sort, we will always have another copy of your data and your information stored in another one of our data centers so we can easily recover even in the event of a significant disaster.

The scalability and flexibility that we've built in to the Abacus Private Cloud is great for any firm that's starting out or anyone who expects to grow somewhere in the near future. We're easily able to add resources, and by resources I mean data disk space, RAM, any applications that you want to move into the environment as well. So we don't actually, you know there's no additional cost to add a new application and software into the Abacus Private Cloud environment. We host whatever application you want, we do of course offer our applications that we own as I mentioned before, but we can really add space, RAM and memory, things like that at any particular time. Generally in about 24 hours we can build out whatever you need additional in your environment. So the Abacus Private Cloud is device agnostic. By that I mean that you can use an Android device, an Apple device. We do log in through the remote desktop and I will show you how we get an email here in a little bit, but that can be of course downloaded for free from Google Play Store or the iTunes store.

We are a partner with Microsoft and we do offer the 365 integration into the Abacus Private Cloud. We can give you the exchange server and all of the products that come along with Microsoft 365 as well. Of course Excel, PowerPoint, Office, you know the whole entire suite is included. You don't have to obtain those licenses from us but we absolutely can offer that and you know of course manage the support on that as well. So rather than deal with a number of different vendors, we do believe it's easiest to just have you know fully managed IT solution such as the private cloud where we handle all of this for you and we handle the support again and any updates that come out too. That way, you're always up to date with it.

Effortless deployment. We're able to build out your environment exactly how you want it built. You know these are customized products that we offer and they are designed you know to suit your specific needs. So whether you have printers, scanners set up inside the cloud, we can build all of that in easily. You can print and scan from it, you can play videos or whatever you want to do inside the private cloud environment. It's just like a regular desktop. However, you're not using any data processing on your local environment, it's all being done by the Abacus very very high end data centers.

So we're going to talk a little bit about some of the security and compliance that comes in every Abacus Private Cloud that we build. So we have physical and logical security built it. By physical we mean actual physical security at our data centers that is very very high level. So we have tier four data centers, I mean we have man traps and you know very intense sites here and if you know check out switch.com you can actually see photos of one of our primary data centers and how intense this data center is. Incredibly, incredibly secure and you know essentially impossible for anyone to ever get into it. So by logical we're also managing the software applications, the security through we use also Sophos for our anti-virus and malware protection, which is one of the industry leaders.

As I mentioned we do have a number of data centers dispersed throughout the U.S. and again, this is just to maintain full redundancy and backups in the event of any type of catastrophic event. So we do have also if you check out our website, abacusnext.com, and take a look at the private cloud listings or the information, we have a number of compliancies that we provide for our Abacus Private Cloud including medical industry HIPAA ready. So we have a listing of the SOC1, SOC2 and 3 that shows you how secure and how compliant we are in the data storage.

When we talk about performance and reliability there are a number of different cloud providers out there and a lot of them will boast different up times or different technology that they offer, but here at Abacus we have invested a ton of money ensuring that we're providing the most cutting edge and industry leading hardware that's out there. If you're familiar with solid state disks they are of course the fastest type of disk out there currently. If you have a laptop with it you know that they are generally more expensive and there's a reason for that too. So we have Enterprise architecture. We build, again, an entire network for you if you have multiple office locations, you will no longer have any need for structuring a network infrastructure and paying someone to manage that as well. So we do automatically system upgrades, server maintenance. This all comes in the package, these aren't added costs. This is something that we've built in.

So not only upgrades but also we're monitoring your system 24/7 and so by that I mean that we actually have metrics set up where we are ensuring that if anything spikes as far potential breach or some type of malware attack we automatically notice that and address it immediately. So I did mention that to the 99.99% uptime guarantee, that is something that we guarantee in our server agreements so that is essentially stating you will have hardly any downtime ever throughout the course of the years.

I did allude to this earlier, all data is your property. We do not keep any of your data, you are the owner of it for the entire time you work with us and afterwards. We only guard it for you, protect it, keep it safe. That's really our main goal is to protect not only your data but your applications and make sure you have access to it from any location any time as well. Again as I mentioned, it is application agnostic, iPhones, iPads, Androids, any device you can log in no problem and you can see your entire desktop from there. So we do actually use NIST standard, so this is a government standard of providing security and data privacy as well.

Again, we do have that 24/7 server monitoring and maintenance and that means that we're always looking at your cloud environment, we're always keeping an eye on it, we're always able to ensure that it is completely safe and secure. That's what we provide to our clients is that knowledge knowing that they can rest in peace they don't have to worry about backing up their data to an external drive, they have to worry about updating their most recent antivirus, we manage all of that for you. We do truly call it the fully managed IT solution. It is a desktop as a service in the cloud environment so we manage, again, everything that goes into having an IT infrastructure.

I'm going to provide a demo. What we do, well for free is give you a technical assessment of your organization. We will have one of our expert staff members here analyze your current environment, we also provide a risk assessment as well. This will allow us to pinpoint any areas that we believe you may be able to improve upon, also the technical assessment looks at the applications you're using, the total data storage you have and anything else that you've set up currently to make sure we can account for that in the new private cloud environment. Also provide you feedback on certain ways you can structure your environment or improve upon again the security of that.

So I'm going to show you here how we log in to the Abacus Private Cloud. I have a demo account through remote desktop and I'm going to of course click on it, hit connect, my credentials are already in here... Alright and you can see here my entire virtual desktop. So this is truly another desktop and it comes with any device. You can log in to this from any device and wherever you left off, you're typing in the middle of a [inaudible 00:17:40] document and then you close your workstation at the office, as soon as you go home open up your laptop it's going to be exactly where you left off. So this is great if you're traveling if you need to work in the courtroom or wherever it may be because you're not going to ever have to stop, reload information. All you need is your credentials through remote desktop.

Again, you don't even need a powerful computer because all of the data processing is being handled by us so it's incredibly fast with solid state disks where we backing it up once a day. We always have copies of not only your data but again all of your applications, all of your permission levels, the way everything is set up, passwords, everything, is completely backed up. So it's very easy for us to restore if we ever need to from a previous state, we can look a week past and restore from this very specific date and time if you believe maybe you deleted emails or you know there was something that happened on that date that you wanted to refer back to.

Again, this is my virtual desktop. We have here some applications installed. These are Abacus owned applications, AbacusLaw, which is our legal case management software. Of course you know I have Outlook in here and just a couple go to meeting links but we can really put, again, any application in here and it's going to show up here as an icon and then you'll be able to access all of your applications from any device, any location. So extremely beneficial way of managing the IT in your company, extremely cost effective as well.

Want provide full IT support for you and by this I mean you don't need to deal with a number of different vendors or contacts so even if you have Microsoft or QuickBooks licenses we can offer those to you and then we can manage the upgrades and support on those and rather than having to call Microsoft or QuickBooks for help you can call us and we can help you with that. So it does truly streamline your IT infrastructure. It reduces the headache with dealing with a number of different vendors too. Again as I mentioned, it is completely flexible; we can build out your environment at any time. We can create more space, add any applications, and add new users at any time as well.

We do always have as I mentioned copies of your data. We have four copies of your data at any time. This is to ensure that regardless of where you are, where your data is, it's always in the U.S. but we're going to be able to back it up at any particular time.

This is how it looks, it's pretty easy to manipulate in here. I can even if I want to I can copy and paste an item from here right to my local environment very easily copy paste. Of course we load all your information in there when we set it up but if you want to move stuff in and out, very very simple to do that. This is a, again, a managed infrastructure that we've designed to provide you with a simple simple way to run your business.

That kind of gets through what I wanted to show. I wanted to just give you a visual representation of how you log in, what it looks like, how easy it is to use, how fast it is. If anyone has any questions I'm going to open it up for questions now since we have a little bit of time left here. So feel free to jump in anytime.


How many applications can we store and which applications?

Definitely a good question! I know we talked a little bit about storing different applications, and we can really store an unlimited amount of applications in the private cloud. We do of course use operating system space for that but there's no limit so we can if you have, especially for a lot of our CPA firms that have a number of different versions of tax software such as Lacerte, we can put all of that in there, every version you have, every year whatever it may be, every application you need to access we can put in the private cloud. That way you can access all of those applications and the data associated with them from any device any time, you don't have to store that in your local environment or on your laptop or anything like that. So it saves a lot of data storage space and data processing power as well because we handle all that for you.

If you look back at the diagram here, we do give Results, AbacusLaw, Amicus Attorney, OfficeTools, these are all applications we own so when we install them in the private cloud we're able to provide them at a significantly discounted cost because we do own these products. Although we will move any application in there, we recommend taking a look at the ones that we own again because we can give you special pricing on that.

How long do your files stay in the cloud?

The files stay in the cloud as long as you are a client of ours. We're managing that the entire time and you know you have access to it at any time. If you want to take it with you like I mentioned before we'll put that on an encrypted hard drive and give it to you. There's a couple different ways we can, but you're always the owner of it. It doesn't stay out there if you decide to move away or close your cloud account. We do close that off completely from the data centers.


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