Testimonial from Tracy Floyd

The Abacus team surpassed our expectations.

We needed customized screens for each type of case we handle. We described our vision to the Abacus team and they surpassed our expectations in creating what we pictured & only better!

The Firm:

The Zimmerman Law Firm P.C.
www.zzcylaw.com Waco, TX
With over 100 years of combined experience, The Zimmerman Law Firm P.C. provides zealous representation, competent and credible expertise, personal service, and the financial resources necessary to win auto, SUV and motorcycle accident cases, workplace and construction accidents, child injuries and assault, bullying suicide cases and more.
The Challenge: 
Since implementing AbacusLaw over a decade ago, The Zimmerman Law Office P.C. has expanded to handle multiple types of personal injury cases – from auto and workplace accidents to child injuries and assaults. “AbacusLaw has been imperative in our ability to grow our business. It handles everything – down to the very last detail – for all of our cases and clients,” says Tracy Floyd, Office Manager. “The standard personal injury screen does a great job of tracking all pertinent case details. But as we’ve expanded, it became apparent that if we wanted to continue to expand, we needed custom screens for each type of personal injury case we handle.”
The Solution: 
Abacus Professional Services understood the goals of The Zimmerman Law Firm P.C. and engineered custom intake forms and case screens with fields for the specific information each case requires. Added Tracy, “The Abacus team greatly exceeded our expectations by not only delivering what we asked for, but they made Best Practice suggestions on how to further improve our workflow efficiency with these new screens. Before the project was over, they showed us how to build and run custom reports from these new screens so we have transparency into our entire firm.”
AbacusLaw enables The Zimmerman Law Firm P.C. to efficiently and effectively organize all cases, regardless of their type. The new intake screens and custom reports allow them to enter only the data that is important to their firm and view it on screen in a way that is intuitive for them. This has increased transparency within the firm, reduced manual entry and errors, improved efficiency and has enabled the firm to handle more cases with their existing resources.
Benefits from Abacus: 
Detailed reports by case type
Improved organization
Increased efficiency for document & form production
Reduced manual data entry