NTV Accountants Uses OfficeTools in Abacus Private Cloud - Building a Truly Digital Firm

Company Background
Before moving to OfficeTools, San Diego public accounting firm NTV Accountants was utilizing a general business CRM for client and engagement tracking, Gmail for email and contacts, and Excel for to-do lists and daily activity tracking. The disjointed system was not a long-term solution. As the firm grew both its client base and staff, they needed to be able to manage projects more efficiently.

Products Used
  • APC
  • OfficeTools


Business Challenges

A Need to Organize Data

There were two challenges to address for NTV, moving to a secure cloud environment as well as getting all their data all in one system so that they firm could work more efficiently.

The need to organize data is what initially lead NTV to look for a practice management solution. They wanted to provide structure and processes and be able to track the workflow

NTV had their own servers, which is costly as well as a headache to maintain, and that also meant they needed to manage an outsourced IT company. Moving to a fully managed outsourced private cloud environment meant that they were able to spend less time and money on IT and more time focused on client work and growing their firm.


The OfficeTools Solution

The Easiest Way to Keep Data Organized in One Place

The core project management and workflow functionality was the biggest reason for moving to OfficeTools inside Abacus Private Cloud. A close second was the ability to run project and assignment log reports. They use the reports as a way to measure their team’s performance. OfficeTools has been the easiest way to keep data organized in one place, to track contacts, to-dos, projects, billing, documents and scheduling.

The Results

“The customer service is extraordinary, and the systems are dependable.”

“We understand that data compromises can not only immediately impact a firm financially but can also create huge losses in opportunity costs, so we made the smart choice by moving our files to a secure cloud environment. We are very pleased with the security and flexibility that Abacus Private Cloud has provided our firm.”
- Vincent Nguyen, Partner, NTV Accountants