Peter C. Merani Law

New York Law Firm Operates a Lean Practice with Amicus Attorney

“Amicus gives me the ability to be a great advocate for my clients, and still have a life outside the office.”

- Peter C. Merani
Law Offices of Peter C. Merani P.C.

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The Kabb Law Firm

Law Firm Transforms Practice with Amicus Attorney

“I really appreciate the fact that I can access my calendar from my phone for easier scheduling when in the field”

- The Kabb Law Firm

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Miami Legal Firm

How a Law Firm Went From 100% Paper to Practically Paperless, Painlessly

“Moving from paper files to Amicus Attorney now provides time savings of 20 hours per week across the entire firm.”

- Danay Acevedo
Miami Legal Firm

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