Testimonial from David C. Stone

AbacusLaw gives us everything we need.

With improved billing practices from AbacusLaw, we’ve been able to increase our monthly revenue by $15,000. AbacusLaw gives us everything we need to handle this increased business in one fully-integrated platform.

The Firm:

Law Office of David C. Stone
Anaheim, CA
The Law Office of David C. Stone is dedicated to helping fathers with divorce, paternity matters, custody and visitation, child support and more. Mr. Stone incorporates his experience as a parent, business owner, corporate manager and lawyer to help fathers and their children because he believes that family matters.
The Challenge: 
Previously, The Law Office of David C. Stone used a Word template to generate client invoices. This required manual entry of data for each bill, which was very time-consuming and error-prone. Additionally, the firm used QuickBooks for accounting and another program for trust accounting. “I was constantly entering the same information into multiple systems,” said David Stone, Esq. “This led to me losing billable time – from lost notes for completed work and from time spent on non-billable activities.” When a client called and the firm couldn’t answer their questions about a bill, they knew it was time for a change. After researching various systems, the AbacusLaw Solution was the only one that met all of their needs for time tracking, billing and custom reporting.
The Solution: 
“We needed the ability to track all billable time and generate invoices from within one fully-integrated platform. Additionally, it was imperative that we could see all case details from one screen. That way when a client called, no matter who answered the phone, we could easily respond to their inquiry,” continued David. “AbacusLaw gives us everything we need, in one seamless package.” Now, with AbacusLaw, when the office writes a check from the trust account to the Court Clerk, everything is automatically balanced and there’s no need to make multiple entries or worry about reconciling balances in multiple programs.
AbacusLaw enables The Law Office of David C. Stone to track all billable time, and spend less time on non-billable activities. Combined with custom reports to track case status and other vital details, their office was able to increase billables by 50 hours per month, leading to an additional $15,000 in monthly revenue.
Benefits from Abacus: 
Custom reports prioritize tasks and facilitate decisions
Increased revenue
Immediate response to client inquiries
No more double entry of accounting data