Testimonial from Peggy Spear

Kontor Business Group
No matter where we are, anyone on our team has the info they need.

Results CRM in-the cloud has removed the dependency on an individual team member’s availability. No matter where we are, anyone on our team has the info they need to follow up with our prospects, ensuring we do not miss a sale opportunity.

The Background

Kontor Business Support is a full-fledged sales and marketing agency specializing in call campaigns and social media. Kontor’s seasoned professionals are dedicated to helping their clients grow their business by providing sales services, social media campaign management, and other business planning services.

Business Challenges

Manage Sales Activity

Kontor needed a way to monitor prospect activity and identify upsell opportunities with their current clients so they could guarantee that they did not miss any potential sales.

Information Centralization

Kontor needed to centralize all sales data so anyone on their team could access records at any time and from any location.

Documenting Accountability

The Management Team needed a way to measure the performance of the Sales Team to keep them accountable to their goals.

The Results

Real Time Updates

Since all Kontor’s CRM information is stored in-thecloud, all logged activities and updates can be seen in real time from all locations with an internet connection.

Company-wide Prospect Updates

Prospect information is always available to all team members and is not dependent on one person’s availability. No matter who speaks to the client, they will have the most up-to-date information on the account.

Accessible Info

No matter where their team members are (home, office, road, cell) Kontor employees are able to access critical prospect information at all times.

Favorite Results Feature

Kontor is impressed with the many reports that are available within Results CRM. Results reports are used to identify the current Sales Opportunities and to make sure the Sales Team are on target for their goals. Kontor also uses Results reports to identify potential revenue for upcoming months.