Testimonial from Robert Carichoff

We're able to focus on our clients and growing our firm.

Not having to worry about server-related technical issues has lifted a huge burden from our shoulders. With the Abacus team handling everything, we're able to focus on our clients and growing our firm.

The Firm:

Del Rio & Carichoff, P.C.
Del Rio & Carichoff, PC is an experienced personal injury law firm located in Sacramento, California. We consist of dedicated trial attorneys who understand what individuals and families go through when an unexpected accident occurs that causes serious injury or death. Our firm provides legal representation for those harmed by the negligence of others. We are committed to spending the necessary time and monetary resources to ensure a positive result when protecting the rights of our clients.
The Challenge: 
Initially, Del Rio & Carichoff, P.C. used AbacusLaw practice automation software, installed on their local network, to manage all of their cases and clients. As their firm grew, their needs changed. Without professional IT support, trying to manage a network proved frustrating and took time away from revenue-generating activities. Coupled with deteriorating speed of their applications and network, it came time to either purchase a server or move to the cloud.
The Solution: 
“We’ve been very happy with our AbacusLaw software for years. It does everything we need, and more,” said Robert Carichoff, Esq. “But as our firm expanded, our needs changed. We realized it made more sense, both financially and from a resource-perspective, to move our practice to the cloud to eliminate our IT management issues and improve our efficiency.” Immediately after migrating to Abacus Private Cloud, the firm noticed the increased speed and responsiveness of AbacusLaw. Robert continued: “When we ran AbacusLaw locally on a workstation, the speed deteriorated as our firm grew. With Abacus Private Cloud, the application is much faster and more responsive. We can have all staff members working in the system, from different locations, without missing a beat. The efficiency gains from being so mobile have been tremendous.” Additionally, the firm no longer has to worry about different applications from different vendors trying to communicate with each other. Abacus Private Cloud provides a fully integrated environment for all of their applications, including AbacusLaw, Office 365, Adobe Acrobat and more. With full IT management and support from Abacus, the firm no longer wastes time calling multiple vendors when they have a question or need assistance.
Benefits from Abacus: 
Eliminated IT headaches and expense
Increased mobility
Fully integrated system
Ease of use