Testimonial from Renee Sauerbrey

Abacus Private Cloud offers our firm the efficiency and security we need.

Abacus Private Cloud offers our firm the efficiency, security and compliance we need, all for a predictable monthly cost. With immediate access to all documents and applications, everyone always has the information they need at their fingertips.

The Firm:

Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker, PLLC
At Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker, your case is our top priority. No matter what your case involves, the diverse experience and skills of our legal team ensure that your needs will be met with expertise. When working with our firm you can expect a calm, comfortable, and competent environment as we work to resolve your case. We serve clients throughout the Phoenix metro area, including Glendale, Peoria &Scottsdale.
The Challenge: 
With offices in Sun City and Scottsdale, Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker, PLLC needed a mobile and secure virtual work environment to facilitate collaboration and synchronization for all cases and staff. To this end, a couple of years ago, the firm migrated away from internal servers and networking infrastructure to a less robust hosting platform. At first the solution met their needs, but they quickly started to out-grow the platform and run into productivity-inhibiting roadblocks. With ever-growing data production and multiple, simultaneous users, the system’s speed and responsiveness quickly declined while their monthly costs increased. As the firm grew, so did their need for new software applications. However, they frequently ran into limitations on the programs they could install within their environment. Coupled with new cloud computing ethics and regulatory requirements set forth by the State Bar of Arizona, the firm needed a secure, responsive and compliant environment, all for a predictable monthly fee.
The Solution: 
After a successful managed migration to Abacus Private Cloud, Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker, PLLC immediately started to experience the benefits of a fully managed, private virtual office. One of the first improvements they noticed was the increased speed and responsiveness of the environment, including all applications. The Abacus Private Cloud team was able to install all necessary software applications, including AbacusLaw, and even customize everyone’s desktops with the shortcuts, links and folders they need. Collaboration has also improved now that everyone has real-time, central access to shared files and folders on the corporate drive. Most importantly, with robust security and compliance policies, including two-factor authentication, five tiers of physical, network and data security and information handling and data privacy protocols in accordance with NIST standards, Abacus Private Cloud meets all of the State Bar of Arizona’s requirements in terms of security, reliability, ethics and regulatory compliance.
Benefits from Abacus: 
Regulatory Compliance
Quick and responsive environment
Predictable monthly cost
Customizable desktops by user