Testimonial from Ward Welch

Above and beyond our expectations.

The Abacus Professional Services Team delivered above and beyond our expectations.

The Firm:

Welch & Donohoe, LLP
www.welchdonohoe.com Boston, MA
With over 50 years of combined experience, Welch & Donohoe, LLP have extensive experience in municipal law, real estate law and litigation. Using their combined resources they offer their clients dedicated representation and expertise.
The Challenge: 
Welch & Donohoe had a potential client with hundreds of outstanding debts. In order to the win their business, they needed a solution that could handle the cases and provide the client with the type of reports they needed. “When a potential client approached us with a broken system, we saw a huge opportunity,” said Ward Welch, Esq. “If we could find a system that would import their [Pacer] data in a logical format, we could secure a huge client with limitless potential.” Working with a consultant, Welch & Donohoe chose AbacusLaw™ because it’s the only Premium Solution Provider that offers an enterprise-class law office platform that can be dynamically configured for their specific needs.
The Solution: 
The expert Abacus Professional Services team engineered a custom solution for Welch & Donohoe, complete with custom screens to collect court and loan information, planned payments from debtors and courts as well as various custom reports for their client. “The Abacus team understood the type of information we needed to track, as well as the type of reports that our client wanted to see,” continued Ward. “The solution they delivered was exactly what we were looking for.”
AbacusLaw™ enables Welch & Donohoe to take on new clients in many practice areas. The new intake forms, custom reports and case screens track all pertinent case and client information in a way that make sense to them. This has increased their efficiency, reduced errors from manual data entry and allowed them to serve more clients with their existing resources.
Benefits from Abacus: 
Easily generate detailed client progress reports
Custom screens and extra databases collect pertinent case information
Improved organization for financial data
Special financial reports for clients