Private Cloud Helps Firm Win with Security, Technology, and Simplicity


Company Background
The Law Offices of David B. Epstein PC advocates for clients in Business Law, Real Estate, and Mortgage Finance cases. Based in Pasadena, Mr. Epstein is familiar with the courts throughout all of California. He has the necessary skills to help you resolve your legal problem. With over 30 years of experience, he is focused on success.

Products Used
  • APC
  • AbacusLaw


Business Challenge

Technology Difficulties from Remote Employees

For legal offices like The Law Offices of David B. Epstein PC, growing and providing on-the-spot support to its clients, can lead to various technological issues – from having to pay exorbitant costs for an IT consultant to not having files accessible when working remotely.

"For a small office, it just wasn't close because what I had been paying in having an isolated series of multiple programs with an IT consultant was just out of proportion to what a small office should be paying, and Abacus had the answer."


The Solution

AbacusLaw in Abacus Private Cloud to the Rescue

After going through a technical assessment, our team determined that a combination of AbacusLaw inside Abacus Private Cloud would empower the firm to work securely, together, from wherever they might be physically located.

"We chose Abacus Private Cloud for three principal reasons. One is its simplicity. That is, it is intuitive and it's easy to learn. The learning curve is short. Secondly, we needed a cloud system that had security. That's very critical to my practice because I have much private information about individuals and about businesses, and thirdly it was cost."

The Results

"We are getting all of the benefits my firm needs -- simplicity and security -- for a good price."

"The principal benefit is because we have only two lawyers who work here locally. We have support people who work locally and who are more distant, and having the cloud makes the virtual office reality, and makes it, all the information instantaneously available. It's no challenge at all for me to finish a pleading here, to alert a paralegal who is in Baldwin Hills, for example, to review it and get it ready for filing, and then to alert our legal secretary, who may be in Chino Hills, to prepare it for filing and to electronically file it."

"The Abacus Customer Support Team is responsive, and whenever I've called with a problem, either the person I call knows the answer, or really quite quickly, will find someone who does. Their ability to jump on to our computer and to see firsthand what the problem is and the short turnaround time between the call and the fix has substantially benefited us and our clients."

"I would recommend AbacusLaw, Abacus Private Cloud, and even the other modules for Abacus, Billing, to small firms and actually to any firm. I think that they have one of the most efficient combinations of programs I've seen, and I've surveyed virtually all of them, and the primary benefit that I think they have is that everything you do with AbacusLaw is so intuitive. It makes sense, and it is easy to get up to speed."