General Practice Law Firm Gains Efficiency & Flexibility by Streamlining Technology With AbacusLaw

Company Background
Robert Collins has been an advocate for his clients in a wide range of legal matters since 1993. Specializing in estate planning, real estate and business law, Robert provides all clients with care and dedication.

Products Used
  • AbacusLaw


Business Challenge

Need For An All-In-One Practice Management Solution

“When it came time to replace our out-dated onsite server, we began looking for a new practice management solution as well,” said Robert Collins, Esq. “After looking at various options, I was about to pull the trigger with Clio (and stay with QuickBooks) until my accountant told me it would be ineffective since all functionality isn’t integrated.”

Robert went back to the drawing board to find a fully integrated solution that would give him the reliability, stability and functionality he needed to provide his clients with ‘Best Possible Outcomes’.


The Solution

The Features, Integration, and Flexibility of AbacusLaw and Abacus Private Cloud

After researching fully integrated practice management solutions, it was clear that AbacusLaw was the only solution that offered the features, integration and flexibility that Robert needed. “With AbacusLaw, everything we need is in one place. My assistant can easily and automatically generate documents and forms. I can quickly see case details. And my accountant has all of the information and reports she needs at her fingertips,” continued Robert.

The Results

A Smooth Transition to AbacusLaw

After a smooth transition to AbacusLaw, Collins Law Office, P.A. has increased efficiency by auto-generating documents and forms, reduced costs by streamlining technology, and improved client service by instantly answering client inquiries.

“I am no longer limited by inaccessibility. I can work from home or my office, seamlessly. This has maximized my efficiency as I don’t have to ‘unplug’ when I leave the office.”