The Firm:

McCready, Garcia and Leet, P.C. Chicago, IL
The Law Offices of McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C. was founded in 1999 and rapidly became one of the Chicagoland areas premier plaintiff’s personal injury and Workers’ Compensation trial firms. The lawyers at The Law Offices of McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C. pride themselves on protecting the rights of their clients and working tirelessly to bring them justice. Their reputation for vigorous advocacy continues to bring in new clients seeking fair and just representation.
The Challenge: 
When Michael McCready first began practicing law, he was a solo attorney doing everything on his own. “At the beginning of my career, when I didn’t have many cases, I was able to keep everything in my head – clients, dates, facts and other relevant information,” said Michael. “But as my practice grew, so did the amount of information and it quickly became too much for me to handle on my own. I hired a secretary to help, but she quickly became overwhelmed as well.”
The Solution: 
After researching numerous case management, time, billing and accounting platforms, Michael settled on AbacusLaw for the flexibility and customization it offered. Over the last 10 years, AbacusLaw has enabled me to expand my practice, hire more attorneys and successfully handle 6,000 cases,” continued Michael. “We live and die by AbacusLaw. From the calendar to matter screens, everything is always where we need it, in a format that makes sense to us. We’ve worked with the Abacus Professional Services Team to customize our intake forms to make starting new cases and signing up new clients quick and easy. We use the dynamic reporting capabilities daily to track not only financial information, but case status details to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. AbacusLaw is a fantastic program and has been well worth the investment!”
McCready, Garcia and Leet, P.C. relies on AbacusLaw to track all case details, from calendar deadlines to insurance and injury information. The firm has grown from a solo practice to a prominent five-attorney firm helping hundreds of clients every year.
Benefits from Abacus: 
Improved organization with central matter management
Over 100 reports monitor case progress and firm financials
Quickly and easily start new cases with custom intake forms