Testimonial from James Easley

Results provides the powerful business management tools we needed to link all departments together and make data immediately accessible.

Results provides the powerful business management tools we needed to link all departments together and make data immediately accessible. The Results development team even made custom modifications to the software to meet our needs. Because everyone has access to up-to-the-minute data and documents, we are better positioned to make informed decisions and be proactive.

The Background

James Easley decided years ago that he needed to embrace technology to better manage all aspects of his construction business— enter the fully integrated Results Business Suite solution.

Prior to implementing Results, Easley relied on spreadsheets and manual processes to operate his business.

James Easley, President of Truly Noble Services, had a clear vision of how he wanted to operate the company—and it did not include spreadsheets. “I always knew that we needed to make better use of the technology available in order to manage projects and our sales force properly. Without immediate access to data, I knew we weren’t as profitable or efficient as we could be.”

After a few years of testing proprietary and off-the-shelf software, Easley discovered Results Business Suite (Results). At first, the seamless integration between Results
and QuickBooks® was a big selling point; however, Easley quickly discovered other valuable aspects.

In addition to using the powerful business management tools already in Results, Easley worked with the Results team to make several custom modifications to Results to have Results work the way TNS worked. Customizations included using purchase orders and importing those into QuickBooks.

After using Results for a few months, Easley learned about SmartVault, an online document management and file sharing service. “The integration between SmartVault and Results is fantastic, so we adopted SmartVault as our online document management system. It [SmartVault] makes managing and sharing documents very easy. With 24/7 online access, we can view any document whether in the office or at a job site—a significant benefit for our large base of contractors in the field.”

The Results SmartVault integration allows Truly Noble employees to easily scan, upload, and attach documents to any Results record and then view documents from either Results or QuickBooks— the company’s accounting system. It’s efficiency at its highest. With the ability to bridge multiple departments using Results and offering company-wide, 24/7 access to documents via SmartVault, Truly Noble experienced significant improvements in business operations and customer service, as well as elevated profits.

“Because everyone has access to up-to-the-minute data and documents, we are better positioned to make informed decisions and be proactive,” Easley stated.

Real-time access to data means real-time decisions

Managing thousands of projects and hundreds of contractors per month doesn’t hinder Truly Noble management from making quick, sound decisions.

Truly Noble manages approximately 1,000 projects per month and uses more than 300 contractors. And according to Easley, the company will double these numbers within the next year.

“We have a lot going on all of the time, so we rely on current data to make the informed decisions on projects. In years past, job costing was done after the fact. Typically, it took about a month after a job was completed to get final numbers. With Results, we can view costs on a day-to-day basis and make adjustments on the fly to keep jobs within budget.”

Truly Noble’s six-person sales force also relies on Results to manage new business through the sales funnel. “Our sales people log all communication with prospective clients. I can see all interactions and easily follow progress on each case. This offers valuable insight on which prospects are a better fit for our business.”

Customer service has also improved since Easley fulfilled his vision of adopting advanced technology to improve operations.

And it just keeps getting better

Ongoing enhancements to both Results and SmartVault keeps Easley committed to the technology.

Now, with a customized business management solution integrated with a cloud based document management system, TNS is ready to take their business to the next level…Mobility. To Easley, mobility means providing the same access to the field service personnel as his staff in the office – a criticality that allows Easley to run his operation from anywhere, at anytime.

Easley’s vision has become reality

PTo implement powerful technology to better manage operations and improve profitability, internal efficiencies, and customer satisfaction.

"This technology (SmartVault and Results) is integral in helping us better serve our customers. With realtime access to data and documents, we can detect potential issues and correct them before they negatively affect the customer."

“Introducing Results to our operation, and SmartVault thereafter, has changed the way the company does business. We went from a process where we had to rely on data coming in after-the-fact and no way to support business-wide data visibility to a fully integrated system that allows all users from all branches of the business to access and view current, accurate information and make sound, proactive decisions,” Easley said. “That’s the only way to do business!”

"Both vendors (SmartVault and Results) are constantly adding new and helpful features. I like that they are willing to listen to me and work with me to make tweaks to the system."

"We can quickly locate any document within SmartVault or Results and send it to a customer immediately and securely. This level of efficiency improves our ability to serve our customers and ultimately makes them very happy."

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