Firm Takes Control of Technology With Private Cloud Deep in the Heart of Texas


Company Background
A lifetime Wichita Falls resident, David F. Gossom began his law practice in 1982. Since that time he has earned a solid reputation for providing the highest quality legal services in a broad range of substantive areas. Practical approaches to legal issues and aggressive use of technology along with dedication to client satisfaction distinguish this firm.

Products Used
  • APC
  • AbacusLaw


Business Challenge

Needed to be Able to Meet Clients When and Where They Needed

As a lawyer on the run, David needed to be able to meet his clients when and where they needed him with the data and files he needed. He also needed to be able to update his computer equipment without worrying about losing data and files.


The Solution

Eliminate IT Costs, Increase Security, Gain Mobility

“Well, I chose Abacus Private Cloud because I was familiar with Abacus before they had the Private Cloud. Been using [AbacusLaw] for 10 years, or more. Then, the idea of being able to work remotely appealed to me a great deal.”

He was also happy to not have to care about security. “The other thing that I really like is not having to worry about my backups, or security. That it's all done for me, and I don't worry about whether my antivirus is in date, or out of date, or whether I need to update, or buy a new one, or whatever, or having that antivirus interfere with my program running. They take care of all that. Then, of course, the remote access is just the cat's meow on the whole deal. Being able to, at home, "Oh gosh. Have I got an appointment tomorrow?" I can get on my iPhone and check my calendar, and make sure that I don't have a date that I'm forgetting”

The Results

“I don't have to ever call in one of these IT guys.”

“We've eliminated the IT costs. I don't have to ever call in one of these IT guys that, I think, probably doesn't know much more than I do, but he can just get paid by the hour to guess. That has been a big, big benefit to us,”says David. “The other benefit, I think, will come down the road is we have to replace our computers. We're not going to have to have a super computer anymore. You know, we can have something that's just pretty basic because you're relying on the computer that Abacus Private Cloud resides on. That'll be a big benefit.”