Firm Protects Data & Improves Efficiency With AbacusLaw in Abacus Private Cloud

Company Background
Alisha Ankers, Esq. uses more than 20 years of experience to effectively help her clients achieve favorable outcomes in divorce, child custody, visitation and other family law matters.

Products Used
  • APC
  • AbacusLaw


Business Challenge

Wasted Hours and Database Crash

Previously, Ankers Law Office used a different practice management software to manage all case and client details. But they were unable to tailor the program to their specific needs. Staff found themselves wasting billable hours searching for the information they needed.

“We were told that the program was flexible, but it just didn’t measure up,” says Roxie Howard. After suffering a database crash (and losing key pieces of information), they had enough.


The Solution

AbacusLaw in Abacus Private Cloud Handles High Volume and Provides Mobile Access

“We needed a solution to handle high volume document and form generation, and that could provide remote and mobile access,” continues Roxie. “Also, it had to provide a stable, reliable and secure platform so we wouldn’t have to worry about database corruption ever again.”

It was time to change to a solution that could be customized to their needs, would accept and protect their data and would provide cutting-edge legal technology.

The Results

Revenues and Profits Steadily Increase

Ankers Law entrusted their data to the AbacusNext Professional Services team to import into AbacusLaw. According to Roxie, “Abacus accommodated everything we threw at them – including locating missing pieces of data that we thought had been lost during our database crash.”

AbacusLaw now enables Ankers Law Office to better serve more clients by increasing the volume of documents they can generate, while reducing errors. And Abacus Private Cloud relinquishes worries about the integrity of their data. With more efforts focused on billable activities, Ankers Law Office has seen their revenues and profits steadily increase.