California Firm Saves Time and Money with AbacusLaw inside Abacus Private Cloud


Company Background
A general civil litigation practice with a sterling reputation. Many of our lifelong clients utilize our firm’s services for all their legal needs, from estate planning to patent portfolio management.

Products Used
  • APC
  • AbacusLaw


Business Challenge

Staff Always On The Road

While Dorenfeld Law is located in lovely Agoura Hills, California, many of their cases are not. As a general litigation law firm, they specialize in insurance defense, civil litigation, medical malpractice, and personal injury. We have a staff of nine currently, three attorneys, one paralegal, and three support staff – all of which are on the road. A lot.


The Solution

Cloud Is The Way To Go

Dorenfeld Law chose Abacus Private Cloud in 2015. “We originally had AbacusLaw, and we had done a firm change, we'd done a name change. At the time, all I wanted to do was just switch out the names, and I called Abacus and I ended up getting in touch with the implementation department,” says Stacey Dorenfeld, the Operations Manager at Dorenfeld Law. “I was talking to Rick, and after a few minutes of a conversation, he said to me, "Stacey, why are you not using Abacus Private Cloud?"”

“We chatted, and after another hour or so, he convinced me that the cloud is the way to go these days,” says Dorenfeld. “I do a lot of work remotely. I travel quite a bit and so do people in the firm. At the time, when I realized that I could have Abacus Law and Abacus Accounting in the cloud, it made a lot of sense to me. It would save me time, it would save me money in the long run, and I just figured Abacus Cloud would be perfect for Dorenfeld Law.”

The Results

"Abacus Private Cloud, for us, gave us the support that we needed in order to continue working without that down time."

The implementation experience of getting Dorenfeld Law to the private cloud was very easy – in fact, it only took three days. “We went from our internal server that was down all the time to the private cloud, and within three days, we were up and running. We had no downtime. They worked, what felt to me, is it was around the clock,” says Dorenfeld. “Again, we had my entire staff on the phone doing a remote access, teaching us exactly what to do to get started. The implementation was very, very easy, very quick. Abacus Private Cloud, for us, gave us the support that we needed in order to continue working without that down time.”