Solo Practitioner Virtualizes Office with Abacus Private Cloud


Company Background
For more than 15 years, James Farr has offered representation to clients in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, traffic ticket and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enforcement actions. As a former Magistrate and State HearingOfficer, James understands how judges and hearing officers think, and puts this valuable knowledge to work for his clients.

Products Used
  • APC
  • AbacusLaw


Business Challenge

A Need to Be Freed From The Physical Office

A criminal defense attorney in Anchorage, Alaska, James Farr has used AbacusLaw for case management, time and billing for 15 years. Frequently out of the office in court and at client meetings, he needed to be freed from his physical office so he and his paralegal could work from anywhere, at anytime. A legal technology enthusiast, James is always looking to leverage from cutting-edge technology.


The Solution

Entire Practice Seamlessly Migrated to Private Cloud

“When I was made aware that Abacus had a custom built a data center and Private Cloud Solution specifically for legal professionals, I was more than happy to try it out,” continued James. The Abacus Private Cloud team seamlessly migrated James’ entire practice to the new environment. From the start, James was impressed with the responsiveness and speed of his new virtual office environment.

The Results

From one system I have access to everything I need to run my entire practice.

Leveraging cloud technology in a dedicated, private environment, James was able to eliminate his local hardware headaches and expenses. In addition, he no longer needs to worry about backing up data to physical hard drives every night. Everything is done for him, professionally and automatically.

As long as I’m practicing law I will work in a Private Cloud environment. I’m not going back to the alternative of local servers with local support. The advantages of working in a Private Cloud are tremendous, as opposed to being tied to a local office environment. Not only can I work from anywhere, but it has freed me from recurring IT headaches and unforeseen expenses in managing my own onsite computer network.”

“Abacus Private Cloud is more responsive than my previous system,” said James “Not only does AbacusLaw work faster, but everything is tightly integrated which has increased my productivity. From one system I have access to everything I need to run my entire practice.”