How fast can you print my checks?

Most standard products are shipped within three days. Requests with company logos are usually shipped in five days.

How do I check the status of my order?

To check the status of your order call 800-472-2289 and ask to speak to a Customer Account Services Representative.

I am re-ordering checks, but I have some changes. What do I need to do?

Simply fill out the order form and check the box marked “Repeat with Changes.” Attach a copy of your check (marked “VOID”) and indicate the changes you would like directly on the voided check.

What types of check security features do your checks have?

All our checks include a rigorous fraud deterrence system that exceeds industry guidelines. Our checks utilize security features such as chemically sensitive paper and erasure protection to name just two.

What colors can I choose from for my checks?

Our checks come in 7 different standard colors. All colors can be viewed on our web site. Due to the wide variation in browser and monitor specifications, we have no control over how our check colors appear on screen. To be sure you are comfortable with your selection, check the PMS color specs as indicated.

What does "parts" mean?

"Parts" refers to the number of copies you will receive. Our laser checks use separate sheets for each part. Our check #880929 is a 1 part only (original) check.

Imprint Information

How many lines of text can I have for my company information on my checks?

You can have up to 6 lines of text. All text is printed in CAPS in black ink. You do not have to use all 6 lines.

How many signature lines can I include on my check?

You can have one or two signature lines on your check. You can also include signature line titles (Text Over Signature) above each if you choose. These are pre-printed lines of text that can be added to your checks.

What if I am re-ordering checks - do I still have to include a voided check?

All orders must be accompanied by a check marked "VOID." This helps ensure that bank information and check style are reproduced exactly to your specifications.

What's Voucher Imprint Information?

The voucher of your check is the part above and below the check. You can put your company name on the voucher or any other line of text that you choose. The voucher imprint information will be printed on both the top voucher (above the check) and the bottom voucher (below the check). Voucher imprint text is printed in 11pt bold.

Can I imprint on the envelope?

The envelope that is compatible with Amicus Accounting Check #880929 is a plain double-window envelope. There is no ability or need to imprint on this envelope. With the double-window option, you simply need to slip the check inside and seal.

Check Numbering

When I print checks I put them face down in the printer, can you number my checks so they will work in my printer?

Yes. Simply select "Face Down" on the order form and we will reverse the numbering for you. If you put your checks in your printer face up, then you need standard numbering – select "Face Up" on your order form.

Custom Logos

I want to use a custom logo on my checks? What artwork do I need to send in?

We work with the following applications: Adobe® Illustrator, Adobe® Photoshop®, CorelDraw™, FreeHand® or QuarkXPress™. Please send your logo created from one of these applications. Please let us know what Version of the application you are using as well and the pantone colors used. If you have converted your fonts to outlines or curves, you must tell us which fonts were used.

We recommend the following for your artwork:

  • Keep illustrations clean
  • Limit use of screens, blends, graduated fills, patterns, masks, compound/composite paths and tiled fills (these fills may incur extra charges)
  • We prefer spot colors We do not accept MS Publisher or Pagemaker artwork.

Electronic Media Requirements

Where do I send my custom logo artwork?

If using a custom logo, please check the box on your order form so we know to expect it. Logo must be sent to:

Are there additional charges for adding a logo?

There are no additional charges for adding your own custom logo to your checks, provided that you provide "camera-ready" original artwork. If the artwork you send in is not camera-ready, additional charges may apply. We will call and let you know if this is the case.

Shipping & Handling

What color ink is the logo printed in?

Custom logos are printed in black ink. For logos printed in color, additional charges will apply. Please call for pricing.

How will my order be shipped?

We ship via UPS Ground. The standard shipping fee is $15 per item.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Your order will ship within 3-5 days of receiving it via our standard delivery method – UPS Ground. You can expect arrival at your location within 7-10 days.

What if I need my order in a hurry?

Standard orders need three to five business days for production and then may be shipped. If you need your order faster than our standard delivery timeframe, you can choose from our expedited delivery options listed below. Higher rates will apply for expedited shipping. If you would like to inquire about costs, please contact us for a quote.

Note: New customers placing their first order cannot request expedited shipping.

Expedited Shipping Options:

  • Next Day
  • Two Day

Can orders be shipped UPS to a PO Box?

No. Both UPS and Federal Express (for expedited shipping) require a street address for delivery. You must provide a complete address on your order form. Can I ship my order to two separate addresses? No. As part of our standard order security policy, we only accept one shipping address per order. Please place a second order to ship to a second address.


If I order multiple items, will they all ship together?

If you order two kinds of checks and envelopes, each item will be shipped as it is produced. There is a possibility that you will receive these as separate shipments.

Checks from Other Companies - Are they compatible?

Our Amicus Accounting software has been specifically formatted to work with the 1 part laser checks that we sell. There is an option in Amicus Accounting to modify the layout of the existing fields in the check template. This means that you may be able to format the template appropriately to work with the current checks you have. However, there is no guarantee that they will be compatible.

What do I do if my order is printed incorrectly?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are committed to accuracy. If you receive a defective product, or we have not produced it correctly, we will gladly provide a discount or replacement product – whichever you choose. Please call a Customer Account Services Representative at 1-800-472-2289.

Sample Checks

We can provide you with sample of the compatible check #880929 for Amicus Accounting. Simply call and ask for a sample check and we will mail it to you.

Can I change the format and/or layout of checks?

Amicus Accounting’s default check layout is the voucher-check-voucher format (check#880929). The checks that you can purchase directly from us have been formatted to specifically work with our Accounting software – no formatting required. There is an option in Amicus Accounting to “Modify Check Layout.” This feature is available in Expenses, Trust or the Accounts Payable modules. Through this feature, users can move and drag fields to fit their existing check forms.

For complete details on modifying the check layout please review the Amicus Accounting Help Guide – Expenses (or Accounts Payable or Expenses) > Print Check Batches, Modify Check Layout. Note: If editing the default format, we cannot guarantee that it will be exactly formatted to fit checks that you currently have in stock.

Financial Institution and Bank Number Information

We print the "-" vs "/" in the bank fractional number. This is the proper method as our printers national bank files are updated on a weekly basis. Our process is to follow the Bank name and format as provided to us by various banks. This provides you with a 100% guarantee that what we print is completely correct from a bank specification perspective. The "/" between the banks fractional number has no barring on the usability or acceptance.