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The Iowa State Bar Association is a voluntary organization founded in 1874, whose primary focus is to help Iowa attorneys practice more effectively by providing products and services to help them save time and money.

Business Challenge

The bar association group wanted a library of court forms and templates that all of their members could access, and needed a way to keep all of the documents up to date. A manual process would have been unthinkable.

The Solution

Document library powered by HotDocs

The HotDocs team helped to create IowaDocs, a library of hundreds of legal documents automated using HotDocs document automation, document generation, and document assembly. Access to the document library is offered to all 8,000 members of the Iowa State Bar Association.

To use these forms, bar members open a HotDocs template, and answer all the questions in the HotDocs interview intake process. HotDocs document automation technology then automatically create customized documents based on the answers given.

The Results

This service saves time, effort, and money in the production of repetitive documents and forms for Iowa attorneys.