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J&T Banka is a private bank, headquartered in Prague, which has locations in Bratislava and both the Czech and Slovak Republics. The bank is part of the J&T group which is made up of Postova Banka , Slovakia, J&T Banka , Croatia and J&T Banka Russia.

J&T Banka produces a high volume of documentation each month for the bank’s products and multi-generational asset management, lending, investment securities trading and lifestyle management services.

Business Challenge

Manual data entry process puts strain on time and resources

Like many banks, J&T Banka’s documentation process relied heavily on manual data entry when creating lending documents, a process that put a tremendous strain on the bank’s time and resources. A lot of this time was spent checking for errors to ensure contracts contained accurate information and were compliant with financial regulators. The process often resulted in duplication of effort, with staff having to enter the same information numerous times when dealing with customers with multiple accounts.

Initially, J&T Banka attempted to standardize the bank’s documentation by creating a set of approved Microsoft Word document templates and informed staff when an update to the information was required. However, this process made ensuring that documents contained the correct information and branding, while maintaining a standardized structure, extremely challenging.

J&T Banka required a document automation solution that would allow the bank to produce documentation more efficiently and improve the quality of the service provided.

The Solution

Streamlined production with standardized templates

The HotDocs team worked with J&T Banka to understand the bank’s processes and Line of Business (LOB) systems. HotDocs provided a Server solution that vastly reduced the resource required to produce documents and worked with J&T Banka to help create standardized document templates. Using HotDocs’ Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), the development team integrated HotDocs with J&T Banka’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Content Management System (CMS). The integration pulled customer data from the CRM and coupled this data with content from the CMS to produce documents without the need for manual, repeat data entry.

J&T Banka produces documentation in a number different languages, so HotDocs developed a solution that is able to produce documents in many languages including Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian, English, Russian and Polish. To alternate between languages the user simply needs to select from a dropdown in the HotDocs interview.

Using HotDocs gave J&T Banka assurance that all the banks documentation going forward would include accurate legal text and that all legal clauses appear in order. This made information within documents much easier to access and improved the language flow; making documents much easier to understand. With HotDocs, J&T Banka took control of the bank’s documentation and ensured all future documents would be formatted so the bank’s customers will read and understand important information contained within their documentation.

The HotDocs technical team also implemented a barcode system that enables J&T Banka to track documents, improving security.

“With HotDocs, you will save a lot of money, a lot of time. You have the opportunity to really build up your documents. At the end of the day, this is a huge cost savings through time savings.”

Jakub Šváb, Head of Legal, J&T Banka

The Result

Huge cost savings through time savings

With HotDocs, J&T Banka has streamlined their documentation process allowing the bank to produce standardised and accurate documents more efficiently. This has resulted in a reduction in the time it takes to produce its lending documentation by over 50% and has greatly improved the level of service offered to customers due to the speedier turnaround of documents, decreasing customer on-boarding times and the consistency and clarity of language that HotDocs facilitates.

Now that the bank is using HotDocs, staff no longer have to enter customer information. This information is pulled from the bank’s CRM to the document directly, to all the places in the document where the data is needed. Through the barcode system, the documentation, with electronic document copies, is then profiled to the Microsoft SharePoint document management system.

Today all J&T Banka’s documents are consistent and feature the same standardised structure. Documents all contain the same branding and are far easier to understand as the language used, formatting and fonts are all consistent.

“Through implementation of HotDocs, document production has been significantly improved at J&T Banka. A central place for document templates has been created and the text and typography of documents is standardized and managed. Through the HotDocs Hub versioning of documents has been secured. Now HotDocs is one of the important banking systems in J&T Banka. For me personally, as a lawyer, HotDocs opened a whole new area and it became important part of my qualification. HotDocs has given me a lot of satisfaction and joy in my work too.”

Jakub Šváb, Head of Legal, J&T Banka