Secure Your Healthcare Data in Abacus Private Cloud

You have your hands full running your practice. You should not have to worry about IT costs or cybersecurity. The fully HIPAA and HITRUST compliance-capable technology solution Abacus Private Cloud puts your critical healthcare data and vital applications into a private virtual workspace that is accessible from any secured device, anywhere, anytime, while removing the burdens and costs of IT management. So you can rest easy knowing your patients' data is safe and secure.

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Abacus Private Cloud Quick Facts

  • 8 Data Centers
  • 100% Renewable Data Center Power
  • SOC1/SOC2/SOC3/SSAE16 Certifications
  • 256-bit AES Data Encryption
  • 99.999% Uptime Service Level Agreement
  • Unlimited Cloud Platform Support
  • No Fee for After Hours Support
  • No Fee for Client Data Export
  • No Fee for Device Reconfiguration
  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime
  • Up to 60 Months Price Guarantee

Full-Spectrum Security

Abacus Private Cloud is complete with robust security and compliance policies, including two-factor authentication, five tiers of physical, network and data security, information handling and data privacy protocols in accordance with NIST standards, and geographically redundant, SSAE-16 and SOC-1, 2, and -3 compliant data centers.

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Zero Capital Investment

Private Cloud environments reduce up-front capital expenses such as server hardware and software, backup hardware and software, network infrastructure and installation fees.  Leverage your operating expenses budget while speeding time to deployment with Abacus Private Cloud virtualization technology. 

Use Any Device from Anywhere

With Abacus Private Cloud you can use your favorite PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone including Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry to access all of your applications and data from anywhere.

Removes IT Burdens

Abacus Private Cloud eliminates IT costs and frees you from having to deal with tedious (and confusing) IT tasks, allowing you to focus on providing 'Best Possible Outcomes' for your clients.  Our team of experts will handle all of your IT needs.

Flexible & Dynamic Scalable Environment

The Abacus Private Cloud allows you as much control and flexibility you need to meet the ever changing requirement of your practice.  Most importantly, it is a dedicated resource with real time capability to scale up or down. 

Complete Ownership of Data

Unlike other Public Cloud storage and SaaS providers that may keep you from accessing your own data, with Abacus Private Cloud you own your data.  Upon termination of any business relationship, you will always have access to your irreplaceable case and client data.

Automatic System Enhancements

When you use the Abacus Private Cloud you can have all of your favorite software and applications in one place. We can also keep your virus and malware applications up-to-date for you so you will be protected in real-time from malicious attacks.

Uptime Guarantee

Abacus Private Cloud guarantees that you will be operational 99.999% of the time. In other words, you can rely on your private cloud infrastructure and have peace of mind.

Managed Cloud Migration

Make the move to the Cloud with confidence. Our technology experts will collaborate with you to determine goals and evaluate your current infrastructure. Based on this information, we provide a customized roadmap to Abacus Private Cloud that considers impact on uptime, data security, and resource allocation.

Dedicated IP Address

Your Abacus Private Cloud comes with a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP address ensures that no other usage or behavior from another firm can impact or tarnish the reputation of your firm.

The ABC's of Abacus Private Cloud

From security to accessibility, a private cloud offers many advantages over public clouds or software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms. Abacus Private Cloud is no different.

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