The following changes, improvements and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016, QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2016 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 16.0. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

For QuickBooks Desktop 2018 - Recent changes, improvements and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

For QuickBooks Desktop 2017 - Recent changes, improvements and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop 2017

What's important about Release 13?

  • 1099
  • Email

Update to latest 1099 Compliance changes from IRS for Tax Filing. Support for a new functionality in the 1099-Misc forms printing wizard in the Vendor Center to enter State tax withheld and Payer's State ID with verification only for two states (WI and NJ). In an upcoming release, these form elements will also be written into the company file to retain for later use.


Fixed an issue causing Batch Invoices to be marked as sent but haven't been sent.

Online Banking

Starting December 19, 2017, Capital One bank will discontinue support for the Direct Connect service. Express Web Connect service will replace Direct Connect and the impact will extend to loss of Bill Pay functionality in addition to statement download. Instructions to switch from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect in is available here.

User Interface

Fixed messaging for Cash Basis and Lag/Temp Balance Sheet Errors and pointing to right KB article.


Fixed an issue causing verify/rebuild to fail.

What's important about Release 12?

  • Fixes for Unrecoverable Errors
  • Preference for quick startups is removed

Fixed a pop up issue which was happening while loading License Agreement in Help Pages.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Now with a simple windows keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Alt+Y a selected row of data can be copied. This copied row can then be pasted to a new row with Ctrl+Alt+V.

Use this on Estimates, Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, Credit Memos, Purchase Orders and Timesheets.


The setting Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups has been removed. Users who enabled this setting in QBDT 2016 will no longer have QuickBooks running in the background.


Fixed issues in Invoice center, Bill Tracker & Report Center that were causing unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks.

What's important about Release 11?

  • Payroll
  • Shipping Manager

Fixed an issue with wrong customer receiving payment confirmation email.


Oregon Business Identification Number (BIN) will now print on paycheck voucher.

Shipping Manager

Fixed an issue in shipping Manager which gave error while selecting delivery confirmation option as “Signature required” OR “Adults Signature required.”

What's important about Release 10?

  • Managing Complex Password
  • Flat rate options now available for USPS in Shipping Manager

Customers will now be able see a “Cleared” stamp on the transaction after the credit card charges have been reconciled.

Managing Complex Password

Users now have the option to login into a Company File without having to enter username and password every time. Users only have to login with their username and password once every few days and can open the Company File or switch to a Company File without having to enter username and password, as long as they are using the same Windows user account. Users have to enter username and password again only if they have explicitly logged off from the Company File or when the login period has expired. Users selecting this new option must safeguard their computers and Windows accounts in order to ensure that their Company Files are protected. Note that this option will only apply to Client Company Files where Credit Card Protection is NOT enabled.

This option will not be available by default in a Company File. The Company File’s Admin/Owner can enable this feature for all users by setting a Company Preference:

For Desktop Pro/Prem customers: Go to Company > Setup Users and Passwords > Manage Login Settings

For Desktop Enterprise customers: Go to Company > Users > Manage Login Settings

For all customers: Go to Edit > Preferences > General > Company Preferences

For more information, see QuickBooks Desktop Sign-In options (Managing Complex Password).

Shipping Manager

Flat rate box options are now available in USPS international priority service. These were not available previously.

What's important about Release 9?

  • 1099 E-filing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Bank Feeds
1099 E-filing

Customers will now have the ability to file 1099-Misc forms electronically using, Intuit’s preferred e-filing partner.

Bank Feeds

Fixed an issue that caused the sync with an American Express account in Bank Feeds to fail.


Partial payments can now be made on eInvoices.


Fixed an issue where Desktop Payroll customers were unable to submit Direct Deposit.


Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to freeze while navigating in the Search Box Preferences window while in Multiuser mode.


Fixed an issue that caused the error "Field record(s) could not be read", to display after performing a Verify or when editing a sales form template.

What's important about Release 7?

  • Account passwords to protect sensitive information.
  • Security updates to QuickBooks SDK.
  • QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR) and QuickBooks Desktop Search restored.

Fixed an issue that prevented you from unlocking the Accountant Toolbox.

Advanced Import

Fixed an issue in advanced excel import that allowed changing the type of an existing item from inventory part to non-inventory part causing balance sheet to go out of balance.


Fixed an issue with Schedule Backup that prevented the back up file being created. 

Batch Enter Transactions

Fixed permissions check and closed period check when entering transactions through Batch Enter Transactions.


Fixed the issue that cause QuickBooks to crash while exporting a large report to Excel.


Fixed an issue that caused a warning message to display incorrectly after changing quantity to build on an assembly item.


You will be able to successfully save transactions that contain items that have previously been converted from an inventory/non-inventory/purchased assembly to any other item type.

Fixed an issue that caused a warning message to display incorrectly after adding a memo to existing assembly.


Memorized transaction list will no longer show as blank when filtering for frequency.


For QuickBooks Desktop 2014 (R11), 2015 (R9), 2016 (R5), QuickBooks Desktop Auto Data Recovery (ADR) and QuickBooks Desktop Search were disabled for maintenance on May 23rd 2016. Both the capabilities have been restored with this release.

QuickBooks for Windows 2016 R7 works with Windows 10 and Office 2016.


Fixed an issue where weird dates were shown in Make Deposits after Adding Payment in Merchant Service Deposit.


Users with no access or limited access will no longer be able to change Company General Preferences.


Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to crash when printing a transaction, after the transaction has been edited.


Inventory Valuation Summary and Inventory Stock Status by Item reports will now accommodate long item descriptions by showing them partially.

Sales Tax

Fixed an issue that caused sales tax amounts from showing unclassified on reports based on Class.


Account passwords to protect sensitive information

All users who have the "Credit Card Protection" feature on, or whose QuickBooks Desktop file contains sensitive data such as credit card data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be asked to set up a password.

All users who have the "Credit Card Protection" feature on and can view full credit card data will be asked to your change password every 90 days.

This does not impact QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

Security updates to QuickBooks SDK

SDK apps that require background access to QuickBooks will need to have credentials regenerated for the app. Credentials will get regenerated once users who need access to the app login to QuickBooks.

If the password for QuickBooks changes, a new application is added or access levels of an application are changed – this would also require users who need app access to login.

Shipping Manager

Fixed an issue with Small, medium and large flat rate options not showing up in the drop-down packaging options. Now the Flat rate options (small, medium and large) are shown in the drop down.  

What's important about Release 5?

  • Fixed issues relating to Advanced Inventory
  • Security updates to QuickBooks SDK.
  • Migration of MSXML code base from 4 to 6 to address PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance standards.
Accounts Receivable

Transactions can now be saved successfully even if they contain a line item with a manufacturer’s part number for an assembly item that was not purchased through a vendor.

Advanced Inventory (Enterprise Only)

Barcodes can now have alignment changed, be printed, and be previewed before printing without the screen freezing.

Fixed an issue that caused the following error in the QBWIN.LOG when running a Verify: Sum of item xxxxxxxx on item site table not match quantity on hand stored at item history table.


Fixed an issue that would cause the Verify to fail after deleting the class selected on a record.


For customers who disallow negative quantities, when creating an invoice from a sales order you will only receive a ‘Negative On Hand Detected’ alert after you’ve completed editing all line items.

Online Banking

Fixed an issue that prevented users with Internet Explorer 11 from accessing their banks website using the QuickBooks Internal Browser.


Migration of MSXML code base from 4 to 6 to address PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance standards.

For users concerned with PCI Compliance, you should consult your IT professional to remove MSXML 4.0 from your system and complete the upgrade process.

Once MSXML 4.0 is removed from your computer, the following third party apps that require MSXML 4.0 will not be supported: Contacts Sync, Scan Manager, and Shipping Manager.


Rebuild has been updated to delete stray item sites.

What's important about Release 7?

  • Fixed an issue causing QuickBooks to close when using SDK
  • Fixed issues that occurred while creating Invoices or Purchase Orders from a Sales Order.
  • Increased footer size for reports
Accounts Payable

Fixed an issue that would cause QuickBooks to incorrectly alert a user of a Ship To address change, when creating a Drop Ship Purchase Order from a Sales Order.

Accounts Receivable

Fixed an issue that caused a user to not be able to save an Invoice converted from a Sales Order, or edit an existing Sales Order.

Forms Customization

We are providing access to free online forms customization (Lists>Templates) for Pro, Premier, and Enterprise customers current on their subscription.

Install (Enterprise Only)

Some updates will not be available to customers whose Full Service Plan has become inactive since originally installing QuickBooks 2016.


Increased footer size for reports enabling users to put in more text (up to 100 characters) in the footer of a report.


Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly when running a Customer query request via SDK.

What's important about Release 1?

  • Fixed issues relating to custom fields for item works on some reports
  • New Verify/Rebuild feature
  • Streamlined Upgrade process
Batch Delete/Void Transaction Utility

This utility allows any QuickBooks Desktop Accountant or QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise user logged in as Admin or Accountant to remove multiple invoices, bills and check transactions in just a few clicks.

Bill Tracker

This tool that allows users to easily see the status of unpaid transactions. It also help users to easily and efficiently manage payables.

Current Fiscal Year to last month date filter

Date filter that shows users everything from the beginning of the Fiscal year up until the last month it was used.

Label Printers Supported

Common label printers can be selected when printing Shipping Labels or other related label types. This new printer option also includes a variety of different types of common formatting.

New Verify/Rebuild feature

Previous Verify and Rebuild results can now be viewed from the Product Information window.

Users will be taken to two screens that show both errors found and errors fixed/not fixed.


Fixed: Users can now filter by custom fields for item works on the following reports: Inventory Stock Status, Inventory Valuation, Physical Inventory Worksheet and Assembly Shortage

New feature: Users can now sort columns in the Receive Payments window.

New feature: Users now have the option to automatically copy the Customer's Address from sales orders and estimates into the Ship To Address on Purchase Orders.

QuickBooks requires access to the following firewall ports for a multiuser setup over a network: 8019, 56726, 55368-55372. Please consult your IT professional for assistance.

QuickBooks now requires users to enter your license number before choosing installation type.

Remove Send Forms

This feature allows users to delete transactions in the Send Forms screen en masse. (Does not apply to QuickBooks Email Service)

The Send Forms screen also shows now about how long it will take to send all the emails that have been selected.

Streamlined Upgrade Process

Users only have to choose the backup location now; no more "Are you sure you want to upgrade this file?" prompts.