The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017, QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2017 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 17.0. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

For QuickBooks Desktop 2018 - Recent changes, improvements and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

For QuickBooks Desktop 2016 - Recent changes, improvements and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2016

What's important about Release 9?

  • Bank Feeds
  • Update error 80029c4a
Bank Feeds

Fixed error 194 by ensuring routing numbers are always comprised of 9 digits.


Fixed an issue that caused error 80029c4a to be displayed while opening QuickBooks after installing a release update.

What's important about Release 8?

  • 1099
  • Online Banking
  • Stability

Update to latest 1099 Compliance changes from IRS for Tax Filing. Support for a new functionality in the 1099-Misc forms printing wizard in the Vendor Center to enter State tax withheld and Payer's State ID with verification only for two states (WI and NJ). In an upcoming release, these form elements will also be written into the company file to retain for later use.


Fixed an issue that would cause QuickBooks to crash when opening the Inventory Center.


Fixed an issue with exporting of Transaction Detail report when adding Ship To columns.

Fixed a crash while exporting a report to an existing excel sheet which is in use


Fixed an issue while saving an invoice after copy pasting any billable items.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fixed an issue with the shortcut for copy and paste a line

Online Banking

Starting December 19, 2017, Capital One bank will discontinue support for the Direct Connect service. Express Web Connect service will replace Direct Connect and the impact will extend to loss of Bill Pay functionality in addition to statement download. Instructions to switch from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect in is available here.


Fixed an issue with QuickBooks crashing when a user upgrades a company file, processes a credit card and E-Check transactions, then closes company File

User Interface

Corrected the KB article link displayed on Balance Sheet Out of Balance warning dialog.

What's important about Release 7?

  • QuickBooks File Manager
  • Quick Startup
  • Email Fixes
  • E-Invoicing
QuickBooks File Manager

If QFM 2017 is installed along with QFM 2016 or below, then upon launch of QFM 2017, users will be prompted to continue using it going forward.

If QuickBooks is launched without any company file open, then QFM 2017 will open a secondary instance of QuickBooks.


The setting Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups has been removed. Users who enabled this setting in QBDT 2017 will no longer have QuickBooks running in the background.


Fixed an issue that was incorrectly marking Batch Invoices emailed and sent.

Fixed an issue that was causing Outlook 2013 not to be available as an email option.


Fixed an issue that was causing pay link failure in e-Invoicing for Payments customers.

What's important about Release 5?

  • Install support for MS Small Business Server 2011
  • Managing Complex Password
Company file creation

Fixed a bug that caused a login to fail during company file creation for Payments.

Find a Local QuickBooks expert

Users should no longer get a blank white page when they click Find A Local QuickBooks Expert from the Help menu.


Corrected a spelling error in the Edit Assembly item window.

Managing Complex Password

Users now have the option to log in into a Company File without having to enter username and password every time. Users only have to login with their username and password once every few days and can open the Company File or switch to a Company File without having to enter username and password, as long as they are using the same Windows user account. Users have to enter username and password again only if they have explicitly logged off from the Company File or when the login period has expired. Users selecting this new option must safeguard their computers and Windows accounts in order to ensure that their Company Files are protected. Note that this option will only apply to Client Company Files where Credit Card Protection is NOT enabled.

This option will not be available by default in a Company File. The Company File’s Admin/Owner can enable this feature for all users by setting a Company Preference:

For Desktop Pro/Prem customers: Go to Company > Setup Users and Passwords > Manage Login Settings

For Desktop Enterprise customers: Go to Company > Users > Manage Login Settings

For all customers: Go to Edit > Preferences > General > Company Preferences

For more information, see QuickBooks Desktop Sign-In options (Managing Complex Password).

MS Small Business Server 2011

Install support for Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 is now included.

QuickBooks Help

Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks Help to crash during concurrent remote sessions for same windows user.

What's important about Release 4?

  • Scheduled Reports enhancements
  • 1099 E-filing
  • Bank Feeds
1099 Misc E-filing

Enable customers to use, Intuit’s preferred e-filing partner

Bank Feeds

Bank feeds users (Direct and Web Connect) in the Express Mode  are now able to add transactions by using the Action, Batch Action, and Create new buttons

Users can edit certain bank feeds reconciliation rules if the original rule has incorrect/corrupted parameters

“Add Transaction” message prompt is no longer shown incorrectly to users of bank feeds when there are no pending transactions

Updated messaging when user aborts a “Quick add” bank feeds transaction to guide users from inadvertent data loss

Introduced a user alert in bank feeds when user is trying to Quick Add/Add More details to one specific transaction without saving the other current transaction details

Online Bill Pay

Fixed the issue about sending bill payment for huge amount ($42million) which is not logged properly in OFX


Added support for Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (Service Pack 1)


Desktop merchants customer can now pay eInvoice partial payment on intuit payment site

QuickBooks Help

Fixed issues that caused QuickBooks Desktop Help to crash when using in offline mode or when being accessed by multiple users

Scheduled Reports

Simplified schedule creation process

Removed conflict with the “Run QB in the background” setting; users can create schedules regardless of the value of this setting

Allows users without Windows Admins rights to create schedules

Enhanced messaging

Scheduled report center provides detailed status of each schedule including details of errors if the scheduled report was not sent

Improved messaging about the feature including a warning if a conflicting UAC level is detected

Search As You Type

Fixed a bug that prevented navigating through search results when the second keyword from a multi word search string resulted in a match

Show Filter

Filters that have been applied to a report are now shown on the printed report

What's important about Release 3?

  • Scheduled Reports enhancements
  • SDK now supports Multi SKU
  • Fixed an issue with Quicken conversion

After installing QuickBooks, customers can select an existing Intuit account to auto-fill their details during the web registration process

Intuit Data Protect and Field Service Management customers may not see their app icons on the ‘My Company’ screen.

Customers may need to login when they access Intuit Data Protect and Field Service Management.

To prevent future login issues, QuickBooks will enable customers to verify and update their email addresses.

Quicken Conversion

Fixed and issue for Quicken relating to QB Crash and Converter tool.

Scheduled Reports

Enhancements made to support using “Scheduled reports” for multiple editions of QuickBooks (from the 2017 release) installed on the same machine.

Proactive and dynamic messaging to guide users while they create schedules for sending reports. This includes detecting any conflicting settings/permissions and messaging the same to the user before they create schedules.


SDK now supports Multi SKU and to leverage this feature SDK developers can use "QBXMLRP2.DLL and QBInstanceFinder.DLL” from this release.

Multi SKU support is enabled by exposing a new method “BeginSession2” in interface “IRequestProcessor6”.

What's important about Release 1?

  • Ability to copy/paste line in timesheets
  • Support for High Resolution Monitors
  • Support only IE 11 (not Edge) in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2017
Deleted users on reports

You can now see users that you deleted on all reports by username, you will no longer see “unknown” as the user.

This will allow you to see the deleted users prior to 2017, going back to 2014.
Deposit notification

The Banking section of your QuickBooks Desktop Home Screen will now show you a red notification for waiting deposits.

Easier amount search

You can now use In-Between Amount Search to filter amount ranges in reports, find, and transactions.

Enhanced selection of filters

The User Interface of the improved selection of multiple names will allow you to select multiple names like Customers, Item, Vendor or Account Filter. This allows you to easily select, de-select names and find individual names.

Improved Multi-user mode

You can now see who is logged in and give them time to save work.

Quickly coordinate the right time to switch between Single and Multi user mode real-time chat between users in QuickBooks Messenger.

New Search types

New filters added: Customer Type and Vendor Type.

Search as you type

This new feature allows you to start typing in any field and see all possible matches. This feature looks at the first few letters of a word. For instance, “A1 Customer Storage Shed” you are able to type the following and it will find those things that match: A1, Customer, Storage, Shed. A space must be included in order for this feature to recognize a word. If you have “A1CustomerStorage Shed” you will be able to search A1 or Shed and come up with matches, it will not find matches for customer or storage in this case. When matches are found using the first word as the search, you are able to use the down arrow to go through the list; however when searching using a second word and no first word items match, then you will not be able to use the arrow, it will stay on "Add New". You will be able to use the mouse to navigate to the item that needs to be selected.

Scheduled Reports

You can now set up a schedule to automatically e-mail memorized reports. Choose the time of day and the frequency on which to send the report and QuickBooks Desktop will do the rest for you.

Show applied filters on Reports

You can now quickly view all applied filters on a report. Just click the Show button and QuickBooks will display all of your filters. You can also print off the applied filters. Just set the Applied Filters to Show and your filters will be included on the last page of the report.

Track Credit Card Status

Now you can see when a credit card charge has been reconciled with a “Cleared” stamp right on the transaction.