This article contains release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2018. If you are using a different version, please see:

For QuickBooks Desktop 2017 - Recent changes, improvements and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop 2017

For QuickBooks Desktop 2016 - Recent changes, improvements and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2016

The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018, QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

What's important about Release 4?

  • 1099
  • Online Banking
  • Payments

Update to latest 1099 Compliance changes from IRS for Tax Filing. Support for a new functionality in the 1099-Misc forms printing wizard in the Vendor Center to enter State tax withheld and Payer's State ID with verification only for two states (WI and NJ). In an upcoming release, these form elements will also be written into the company file to retain for later use.


Fixed an issue causing Batch Invoices to be marked as sent but haven't been sent


Fixed a crash while exporting a report to an existing excel sheet which is in use


Fixed help crash issue when user is in offline mode.


Fixed an issue while saving an invoice after copy pasting any billable items.

Online Banking

Capital One bank will discontinue support for the Direct Connect service by 31st December, 2017 . Express Web Connect service will replace Direct Connect and the impact will extend to loss of Bill Pay functionality in addition to statement download. Instructions to switch from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect is available here.


Merchants can now accept and process EMV chip credit cards with QuickBooks 2018 (R4 onwards)

Fixed an issue with Quickbooks crashing when user upgrades Company file, processes a credit card and E-Check transactions, then closes Company File


Fixed an issue with Build Description not matching the UI.

User Interface

Corrected the KB article link displayed on Balance Sheet Out of Balance warning dialog.

What's important about Release 3?

  • Unrecoverable Errors
  • Multi Monitor

Fixed an issue that was causing the title bar of the New/Edit Item window to disappear behind the viewable area.

Inventory (Enterprise Only)

Fixed an issue that prevented a user from sorting the Class column in Auto Create PO window with multiple items.

Multi Monitor

Fixed UI issues that were causing inconsistencies in Multi Monitor screens.

QuickBooks File Manager (Accountant Only)

QuickBooks File Manager (QFM) is now available in QuickBooks 2018


Employee Pay Adjustments History report tracks changes to employee pay rates (only hourly, salary, bonus, and commission items) over a period of time.

Rates shown on this report are based on existing paycheck data. To view the report, go to Reports > Employees & Payroll > Employee Pay Adjustments History.

For more information see Employee Pay Adjustments History Report.


Fixed issues in Checks, Items, Invoices and Customer Center that were causing Unrecoverable Errors in QuickBooks.


Fixed an issue that was causing same list of errors being shown in Can be and Can't be fixed section after running Verify and Rebuild.