Your Dashboard is designed to display Abacus information and Internet content using a set of intelligent Apps in a layout of your choosing. Your Dashboard is ready to use as is or can be customized to match your style.

Dashboard Options

1. Click the Settings icon in the Dashboard title bar and select Add Apps to this Dashboard to open the App Center. Use the App Center to add Abacus Apps and Web Apps to your Dashboard.

2. Drag the title bar of any App to reposition it in your dashboard layout. Double click the title bar to maximize an App.

3. Click an App's Settings icon to modify App options or to remove an App.

4. F3 on your keyboard is the quick way to view or hide your Dashboard.

Featured Abacus Apps

Favorite & Recent Names: This App displays a list of your most recently accessed Name records with the added benefit of clicking the pin button to pin a Name to the top of the list as a Favorite. Drag your Favorites up or down to sort them in your preferred order. We created Favorite & Recent Apps for Events and Matters too.

Quick Note: This app enables click-and-type Note entry in Abacus. Click the Plus button once to save your Note and link it to an Abacus Matter or Name record and click it again to open multiple floating Notes to help you jot down information during your workday.

Daily Agenda: This App conveniently displays all of your calendar Events for today. Scroll in the App to see all Events.

Practice Area Breakdown: This App calculates the percentage breakdown of cases handled by your firm based on case codes assigned to your Matters. Select how many codes you would like to see (up to 20) and click calculate to glean a better understanding of your practice. Use the Settings icon options for this App to control the start and end dates and/or to apply a Query.

Any Web App: Add this App to your Dashboard and assign a web page address (URL) to display the page. Consider using a mobile version of your favorite web pages by adding an "m" before the URL. (e.g.