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What are dedicated IP addresses?

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are addresses consisting of numbers and/or letters that precisely pinpoint the server or device that individuals or companies use to access the Internet. They play a key role in directing traffic and data-related requests to and from devices and servers. In cloud hosting, dedicated IP addresses are assigned to individual user accounts to separate and distinguish what resources, actions, and data-related activity each user account owner conducts in the cloud.

How do dedicated IP addresses work in cloud hosting?

Dedicated IP addresses will not only maximize the speed and performance of your account, but also prevent it from being blacklisted, penalized, or hacked solely based on activities occurring in or attacks against the server itself or other user accounts. These benefits are not possible in shared hosting, where multiple user accounts are stored on a single server under a single IP address. Using an account in a shared hosting environment is much like owning an apartment in an apartment building; each account must share and subdivide the same resources and bandwidth, which can slow performance based on what others are doing on your server. Cybercriminals can also exploit shared servers to conduct criminal activity under the server’s IP address, which could impact the security and integrity of the accounts stored on them. Abacus Private Cloud issues dedicated IP addresses to all user accounts to companies avoid these costly scenarios.

How do I audit and maintain compliance with dedicated IP address hosting?

Our Private Cloud support team can address all dedicated IP address hosting issues for you. We audit all accounts using NIST and other industry-leading standards, and can provide SSAE-18 and ISAE reports upon request. We routinely automate firmware updates and patches to ensure our platform’s dedicated IP address protections are up-to-date to maximize account performance and fend off emerging cybercriminal tactics.

Are there AbacusNext clients using dedicated IP addresses today?

Yes! See how Abacus Private Cloud can help securely protect your data and software activity.