If it seems like you read about a new and disastrous malware attack on a competitor every day, it’s not too far from the truth. Year-over-year data breaches and attacks are still on the rise, with an estimated total of 1339 incidences affecting 174 million data records in 2017 alone. That’s why so many accounting firms turn to Sophos Endpoint Antivirus and Anti-Malware protection.

Working in tandem with Abacus Private Cloud, Sophos Endpoint antivirus and anti-malware software keeps businesses' workstations – and sensitive customer data –  safe and sound. This powerful combination helps companies minimize network security threats and safeguard business data, while working from a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard console. 

“Sophos is the brain behind our endpoint protection agent,” says Andy Thomas, Director of Product Development for Abacus Next. “It correlates information from different sensors we have within our agent like malicious traffic detection, download and website reputation components and https-runtime detection. By looking at all of these sensors over time within context, the Sophos system protector can put the pieces together and identify a threat that any one component may not have done.” 

Sophos antivirus is endpoint security made simple, and here’s why so many firms are using it. 

Avoid long-term security issues

WIthout a sophisticated data security program in place, your data is susceptible to growing threats like ransomware, a malicious bug that can encrypt your data and hold it hostage until you pay a hefty ransom. Antivirus programs such as Sophos Endpoint antivirus and anti-malware prevent such attacks by using proprietary technology to identify and prevent the handful of techniques, behaviors and calling cards used in almost every attack. 

Protect your staff

Sophos Endpoint protects all devices – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile – and all environments, whether Windows-based, Mac-based or a mix of both. That’s why Sophos Endpoint is able to reduce your vulnerability to hackers and malware and keep your employees safe from malicious and inappropriate website, apps, emails and USB sticks. Beyond keeping your team safe from hackers, it can also be used to block specific websites or prevent access to pre-defined categories like social media and other intrusive, productivity-zapping sites. 

Relieve your IT team

Your IT team has more important tasks to take care of than watching for malware and hacking attempts 24/7. Sophos Endpoint is fully managed, which means its legal technology experts can manage your system and take care of compliance with central policies, routine scans, automatic system upgrades and more in your region and in your language -- all for free. As a result, your IT team maintains control of your security strategy and can report the information they need when they need it, while freeing up their time for higher-ROI tasks. 

See results quickly

As the leader in the latest AV-Comparatives test, Sophos Endpoint provides lightning-fast scanning and resource efficiency with the smallest possible impact on your employees. So, whether your sensitive information is stored on-site with your own hardware or in the easy-to-deploy Abacus Private Cloud, data protection with Sophos Endpoint allows you to encrypt your data and control access to USB sticks and other removable storage all from a powerfully and carefully designed dashboard. 

Don’t leave your organization at risk for being hacked or held hostage by malware, ransomware, hackers or even insider sabotage. 

Contact AbacusNext today to find out how you can get the protection you need at the speed and quality you want with Sophos Endpoint Antivirus and Anti-Malware.