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What does FPA mean and how is FPA compliance determined?

FPA stands for the Federal Privacy Act.  This act dictates how U.S. government agencies and private-sector contractors working with them can collect, share and store individuals’ personally-identifiable information (PII).  It specifically protects personal data stored on agency-controlled records such as government loan agreement and IRS forms, along with agency-controlled record systems where individuals’ files can be searched for and retrieved using their PII. 

The FPA specifically instructs government agencies and contractors to establish appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to ensure the security and confidentiality of records and to protect against any anticipated threatens or hazards to their security or integrity. Contractors will also need to collaborate with their government agency clients to publish the location and nature of any records systems in the Federal Register.

Contractors who intentionally or willfully fail to comply could be liable for actual damages in civil cases.  In addition, contractors could face misdemeanor fines of up to $5,000 per incident if they knowingly and willfully disclosed protected PII or willfully maintained record databases without disclosing their existence in the Federal Register.

How does FPA hosting work?

With Abacus Private Cloud, you can securely store your government data files in the cloud and access them anytime on any device—all while enjoying industry-standard safeguards such as three layers of physical, server and data security; dedicated IP addresses; 2FA and 256-bit AES encryption.  Our hosting team will also work with you to safely migrate your data and configure your account to ensure FPA compliance.

How can I audit and maintain compliance with FPA?

You won’t need to!  Our hosting team will work with you and your government clients to provide necessary database information for publication in the Federal Register.  We also routinely audit all accounts using FPA-recommended standards such as FIPS and NIST.

Are there Abacus Private Cloud clients who are FPA-compliant today?

Absolutely! Contact us to see how Abacus Private Cloud can help you meet your FPA compliance needs.

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