Virtual Law Office Security Best Practices

As technology competency has become essential in the legal industry and cloud adoption has grown more widespread, law firms are facing a different set of challenges when it comes to information security. 

A Critical Consideration

To date, 80% of the country's top 100 law firms have experienced some form of data breach.

15% of law firms reported that they experienced a security breach in 2013.

Of those, 26% reported that the event resulted in downtime/loss of billable hours.

The average cyberattack costs a business $300,000


Essential Virtual Law Office Security Elements

Abacus Private Cloud addresses your law firm's security needs from every angle

  • Network Security: Arbor Networks PeakFlow traffic protection and management system keeps your practice protected from Distributed Dential of Service attacks- DDoS attacks are up 200% since 2011.
  • Data Security: Your server is protected with a Digitus Biometric locking syste, and monitored 24/7/365.
  • Facility Security: A perimeter fence, automatic closing gates and an Armed Security Response team keep our data center safe from unauthorized access.
  • Human Security: Our security personnel are CISSP, CRISC and CISA certified.
  • Access Control: Our data center is protected by two-factor authentication (key code and biometric signature), and personnel wear identification badges at all times.
  • Fire Suppression: Each server cabinet is protected with individual fire detection, suppression and EPO systems.