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What does ITAR mean and how is ITAR compliance determined?

ITARITAR stands for International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which governs how the US Department of State enforces the exporting and temporary importing of defense articles and services under the Arms Export Control Act and Executive Order 13637. It applies to companies that manufacture, export or broker defense articles, defense services and defense-related technical data.

If your business activities fall within ITAR’s purview, you are required to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and implement robust safeguards that will prevent your defense-related technical data from being inadvertently exchanged to unauthorized persons domestically or outside the United States. The consequences of non-compliance are severe, with the most extreme sanctions being up to $1 million per violation, up to 20 years in prison per violation, or both.

How does ITAR data center & cloud hosting work?

Because of ITAR’s jurisdictional restrictions on transferring technical data, Private Cloud accounts marked for ITAR compliance will be isolated to our US-based SSL-A server network so that they’re monitored by US-based personnel. Your organization can therefore enjoy our enhanced data storage safeguards without worrying about data transfer compliance headaches.

How can I audit & maintain compliance with ITAR hosting?

We regularly audit Private Cloud accounts using several sophisticated SSAE-16 auditing standards, and can help take care of all IT compliance aspects related to ITAR compliance.

What other compliance standards are similar to ITAR?

In addition to ITAR, companies dealing with the importation and exportation of defense-related technical data may need to comply with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), which cover regulated commercial items that have both commercial and defense-related uses. Our ITAR-compliant Private Cloud accounts can be scaled up to accommodate EAR and other standards.

Are there AbacusNext clients that are ITAR compliant today?

Many AbacusNext clients use their Private Cloud accounts to store defense-related technical data in compliance with ITAR. Contact our ITAR compliance hosting specialists today to learn how Abacus Private Cloud can help your organization achieve full ITAR compliance.

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